Sunday, July 30, 2017

Falling out of love

Falling out of love is difficult.
Falling out of love is real.
It happened.

Suddenly everything doesn't makes sense. Nothing will fancy you anymore.
Everything hurts. Nothing seems to feel right anymore.

You don't need him anymore. He is no longer your muse. He's rather annoying than lovely. His presence doesn't excites you anymore.

You wanted to be alone. You wanted to be with yourself more than with him. You just want to be you. You just need yourself.

No, it's not because other person. You simply tired of being attached. You don't want to be attached to anyone. It is about you. Yourself. Being on your own. Just you.

You hope he will understand. He will let you go but it is not easy.

Now you confused if you love him or just familiar with his existance. Is it still love? Or just pity cause you scared to tell him the truth?

Chances after chances. You give yourself time. Time after time. Nothing seems to change.

You had fall out of love.

There isn't love anymore.

Love is gone.

No more love.

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