Sunday, June 11, 2017

How do you feel .

You asked to go my own. You forced me to have my own path.

You mocked me for depending on you. You mocked me for wanting to be with you.

You said, go out and have my own life. You said, you have a life for you to live.

Your circle will be your circle. My circle would be mine. They won't mix.

After years, I realized, I can live without you. I can live without depending on you.
Depending on you was never a pleasure but rather a huge responsibility you have to endure. I finally realized depending on you is a wrong thing to do.

I was never myself. I was never the person I am. I realized I have been comforting you way too much that I forgot my own happiness, my own wants, the person I am.

Now, when I be myself. You hate me. You can't bear with me. I was wrong the entire time. All this while I let you do the decision. I don't let my idea get in your way. However,when I voice out my wanting now, it seems so wrong to you.

Can I bear this for the rest of my life?
Can you accept the fact that I no longer follow your way cause I have mine too?
Can you accept the fact that I have my own stand now?
Can we go through this?

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