Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Note for the stalkers

To the people who had been reading my blog and stalking my privacy.

Here is a note for you,

One day you going to realize that looking over me is not worth your time.

One day you will realize that your emotions should not control your decisions. How many times you are actually proud of your decisions? Think again.

If you did not overcome your hatred and anger today, it will somehow eat you later.

One thing which is really important is, you cannot force people to love you nor force them to change for you. If they did,know that it is not for love or sincerity. One change for you when they decided to.

You have to realize that the world doesn't evolve around you.

Karma do exist. You are not perfect, what you did to the person you hurt, you will get it back. Like it or not, this is your karma. But that doesn't mean it is the end of the world. Life can be better but it all depends on how you react to it.

You have so many ways of solving the problems in a smart way. Use your sense, be classy, take things professionally.

I'm not perfect either. I've been in a lot of situations that disappoint me. I've been crying for nights over a guy. I've been begging for love,for them to stay. Threats, logics and sympathy. It's never going to last long.

Love is something you can't force. Love supposed to make you happy. Love supposed to make you smile.
If it is not,it is not love but pain.

Realize that love is not about winning the race. It is about building relationships together. Creating and planting loves. If the aims is to get the person then you are sadly not in love with the person.

One mistake in the past and astrological belief won't help to decide your future life.

You can be better. You can have better.
Think wisely.

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