Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday by the window

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Hi .. 
It's Sunday afternoon. Lying on my bed by the window, it's raining outside. Headphone on, some lovely music playing. Seems like a perfect Sunday!

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                                                                    nah this guy not included, jk

Here's a quick update.
I finally out of the stressful job that made me cry every night. No more misery. New job seems cool, so far. Coming to work is better than before. No more tears at night. Thank you God! It has been three months since the misery end and the new one starts. No complaints.

Life? Not much of a difference. I just think, God trying to make me think of my future more drastic right now. Personal life is a bit a mess. I can't explain, in my head its chaotic.
I think too much i had migraine quite often these days, to the point that I actually got sort of panic attack, short breath, shivering (dang! sound so serious), nahh it's nothing serious,i'm just overreacting it some time, I supposed.

Here's a music to end this posts. Current jam :p

Adios muchacoss..

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