Monday, June 6, 2016

Me vs Work

Image result for WORKING PUG

Image result for WORKING PUG

Judging by the pictures i supposed you know what i'm going to brag about today. Work. Yes about work AGAIN. Well, just last week i got a called from the bank, telling me that i finally got the job
(i supposed it sounds and meant that way). And I fell into world of confusion whether to stay or jump out again. 

I was so confused with my current job which is rather new and actually very exciting. I was abit stressful, cause ya' know ...sales.... but the industry is loveable. Advertising is something very very interesting. I love the industry in general but not really my job scope except the client servicing part. Other than that, it's kinda flexible in terms of schedule. The more client you had the more flexible your time are and that's kinda awesome to me. Cause i don't have to sit in the office 9 to 6. I get to get my ass out there somewhere in the middle of the day, that's kinda cool (apart from money spending and shits). But it can get stressful sometimes too.

I wasn't a salesperson to be born with. Although I've been in retail sales before for quite a long time. Now advertising sales, which is far more different than retail. I just can't get along too well with sales indsutry. But i'm trying my best here now. I'm doing errr so far so good here.

Few months back, i was kinda confused and shits, so i applied a lot of jobs from different kind of industry and i guess now,, which is maybe approx 2 months later .. . i got a respond ....saying that they will issue and offer letter to me....So basically if a company issued an offer letter, it literally mean; YOU GOT THE JOB! right? right? right?

I am confused again. 2 months is a long time for me. At first I thought none of the application made it, although i went to some of the interviews, no responds. Until few months after that(which is now).
In the silent 2  months, i actually given up on finding new job. I realized it's time to get my shits together and go through the rough in this sales advertising. I woke up everyday with lots of positive thought and re-reading the advices given to me whenever i feel down. BUT NOW,
the job that I've been wanting had approached me and things just get rumble up again...

It's like yes i want this banking job, it's a so called an ambition for me, But I'm also getting good with my current job. Again at the same time this banking job is also something i dont want to lose.

It's very confusing.

I need some help.

Dear God, please show me the answer.

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