Monday, April 25, 2016

Still remember me?

Hey what's up people! Been a long time aye?'s definitely a long one. As always, nothing interesting to blog about, even after that very super duper long days, months, year? Lolololl... I guess my life is not that hype for me to constantly update in here. Pretty much, waking up every morning head to work, come back home and chill (maybe some cooking involved before chilling,lol). On the weekend, not as much nightlife anymore, as I prefer to have netflix & chill kind of night (No sex involved,it's literally feeding myself with potato chips and eat it on my bed,seriously). You see? How boring HAHA...As boring as it sounds, i love chilling in my house more than anything else. I think i just got older (or becoming a boring person).

Talking about work, i can't seems to find work that I love any more. My tolerance towards this work thingy is very low nowadays. Last February, i resigned from the assurance industry and shifted to advertising industry. Two months plus passed, I already found myself applying for another job (boss in case you read this, sorry from the bottom of my heart). This new office is ok, what i like most is the people. It's really different from my previous company. This one is really friendly, outgoing and just fun. I'm going to miss this if i resign (again,boss i'm sorry..but by this time i actually don't get any job yet lol). But i just wish i can get out from here. Why? because ... Sales and me...we just can't get together!! As much money we have in sales, i just don't like doing sales. For God Sake! I tried to talk to my boss about this, but he seems to let me try, cause he said I can do sales. Well umm yeah...i guess i can do sales (i did it before tho) and this advertising sales is so much  fun compare to other kind of sales BUT AGAIN I DON'T LIKE THE WORDS SALES. Oh why did I throw myself into this position. (God have mercy on me,please). God, take me out from here. I got migraine thinking how to get out. At this time, i was hoping at 101% that i actually get a new operation job in went for interview already...err sorry boss, i need to make myself happy). Whatever. I'm just a little stress (maybe not little). Working sucks when you don't enjoy it. (I never enjoy any work anyway,wtff).

Other updates to my not so awesome life? Nothing really hahahha!!! Oh I get myself a car already and start driving(finally) like a crazy mofo.. I realized sometimes I don't like driving. I'm pretty much shits on the road (lady driver sucks they said) but whatever. And I depending on Waze like 200% at a times. Yeah that's how not awesome am I.

I guess, that's all for now. I basically just have to let go my "work thingy burden BAHAHAHAAAA... Trying to get more updates here too, like before. Just have to scoop out all the things inside my everyday life and throw it all out here muahhahahahaa...instead of just complaining. 

Ok bye ~ 

                                                       *Lemme gift you my cute selfie*

(dammit i'm FABULUS)

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