Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So I started acting ............jk XD

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Heyy, it's me again! Surprised with the sudden often post? lol it's just day two anyway (since yesterday's post) lolololll... I might get like super busy and forgot to blog (or simply lazy again). Most probably just have nothing to blog =,="

Here to brag about Dan Khoo Production new video "Strong Chinese Medicine". Yup....go to youtube and watch that video right now, which released last night (UTC+08:00). Why? cause I appeared in the video bahahhaha..ahh well . . .  just as a crowd . . .  but still . . .  i'm in there lololololll ... 
right? right? 

Umm..it's my first attempt in acting which involved face/emotion reaction,lol...After my first act in a commercial ads so many years ago. Give me a bit of support lahhhh :p

Go and watch lah ok, It does no harm to you, me or whoever HAHAHHAAAAAA...
In case it stills harm you in anyway,  i'm not responsible muahahahahaa...jk..

Lemme . . . . . . 
Give you guys the links to some of my awesome acting skills :p 

That's all. K Bye... Got to start working ! ?  -,-'

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