Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday by the window

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Hi .. 
It's Sunday afternoon. Lying on my bed by the window, it's raining outside. Headphone on, some lovely music playing. Seems like a perfect Sunday!

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                                                                    nah this guy not included, jk

Here's a quick update.
I finally out of the stressful job that made me cry every night. No more misery. New job seems cool, so far. Coming to work is better than before. No more tears at night. Thank you God! It has been three months since the misery end and the new one starts. No complaints.

Life? Not much of a difference. I just think, God trying to make me think of my future more drastic right now. Personal life is a bit a mess. I can't explain, in my head its chaotic.
I think too much i had migraine quite often these days, to the point that I actually got sort of panic attack, short breath, shivering (dang! sound so serious), nahh it's nothing serious,i'm just overreacting it some time, I supposed.

Here's a music to end this posts. Current jam :p

Adios muchacoss..

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hello there. It seems things doesn't go as well with this new job. Only two weeks past to make me realized that this isn't something i want. It's a big mistake since the very beginning, probably the most stupid decision I will ever made. I'm so regret at this point of time and desperate in finding a new job. I felt like I've been conned. I must have a bad omen with this group. I got stressed like so  much within two weeks times, it's a serious thing i must say.

I need to do something about this. People say, give myself sometime to learn, to adapt and see how it goes. Plus it's just few days(2weeks). It's too early to make assumptions. Well, it's kind of true but I think it's a bit waste of time to wait and to force myself onto something I dont' have the heart to do. It's a misery for me. I'm the one who wake up everyday and face it for 9 to 10 hours. I can't do this for another few months just to finally realize it's not for me. Big waste of time.

I'm so motivated(in other word, desperate) to get out of here and do something for myself. Got to find what myself really love.

Attending interview tomorrow and hoping I can excel it with flying colours.

p/s: I figured out, if you you really love something you'll go head to toe about it, but if you don't like it you will avoid it at any chance.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hoping for the best

Oh hey hello there, just to update to nobody that I'm officially on notice now. Right, you heard me right. If you follow me on twitter, You would know how difficult it is for me to finally decide this. I rant about it like literally every single day, that even I got annoyed when i re-reading it (lol). 

Yes I have been wanting to resign from this (refer previous postssss), but leaving behind awesome colleague and flexibility are something that I had to sacrifice ya' knoww. It tough to decide that, but at the end of the day, it's all about me and my future. Got to do what's best for me and hoping it's the best decision and actually worth it. (finger crossed)

I do hope this is for the good one and I will be fine.

Apart from that, nothing really, just looking forward for the raya holiday. It's not that i'm not back in my hometown for super long time but i do feel damn excited to come home this time, i dont know why. 

On a side note, i'm getting either a pug, frenchie or english bulldog. In which actually my pre-2017 wishlist. 

Bye :)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Me vs Work

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Image result for WORKING PUG

Judging by the pictures i supposed you know what i'm going to brag about today. Work. Yes about work AGAIN. Well, just last week i got a called from the bank, telling me that i finally got the job
(i supposed it sounds and meant that way). And I fell into world of confusion whether to stay or jump out again. 

I was so confused with my current job which is rather new and actually very exciting. I was abit stressful, cause ya' know ...sales.... but the industry is loveable. Advertising is something very very interesting. I love the industry in general but not really my job scope except the client servicing part. Other than that, it's kinda flexible in terms of schedule. The more client you had the more flexible your time are and that's kinda awesome to me. Cause i don't have to sit in the office 9 to 6. I get to get my ass out there somewhere in the middle of the day, that's kinda cool (apart from money spending and shits). But it can get stressful sometimes too.

I wasn't a salesperson to be born with. Although I've been in retail sales before for quite a long time. Now advertising sales, which is far more different than retail. I just can't get along too well with sales indsutry. But i'm trying my best here now. I'm doing errr so far so good here.

Few months back, i was kinda confused and shits, so i applied a lot of jobs from different kind of industry and i guess now,, which is maybe approx 2 months later .. . i got a respond ....saying that they will issue and offer letter to me....So basically if a company issued an offer letter, it literally mean; YOU GOT THE JOB! right? right? right?

I am confused again. 2 months is a long time for me. At first I thought none of the application made it, although i went to some of the interviews, no responds. Until few months after that(which is now).
In the silent 2  months, i actually given up on finding new job. I realized it's time to get my shits together and go through the rough in this sales advertising. I woke up everyday with lots of positive thought and re-reading the advices given to me whenever i feel down. BUT NOW,
the job that I've been wanting had approached me and things just get rumble up again...

It's like yes i want this banking job, it's a so called an ambition for me, But I'm also getting good with my current job. Again at the same time this banking job is also something i dont want to lose.

It's very confusing.

I need some help.

Dear God, please show me the answer.

Monday, May 16, 2016

To the boy that I hurt . . .

Often, i talk about how a guy hurt my feelings and i got so frustrated. Today let me write an open letter to the this boy i used to care but ended up hurting his feeling cause i'm so used being hurt and i hurt him before he did. Well, he might hurt me too or he might not hurt me at all. I don't know. But things happened. I made him wait long enough he gave up, gave me chance again, but at the end We both gave up.

When you decided someone no longer your muse, You let go of them completely. Long/short memories of you and that person will linger around your head/minds/heart/souls the first few days but trust me, as time goes by you will let go. How you going to make it work? You start to let go of the memories now. It will be hurt first but it will make sense sooner or later. It happen for a reason we don't know now, but will know later on. Unconsciously, you will be glad it actually happened, at a point of a time. At times, maybe you will still questions yourself, are they thinking  the same way you think? Are they hurt they way you hurt?Or at least a little bit of pain or regret of this unsuccessful thing? Sometimes, what you wish for is not what meant to be. It is hurt but what can we do? Love or whatever you call it, it's not something you can force. When it no longer a thing, it's pretty much pathetic. You just have to move on. There's no point holding onto something broken.

Dear you,
Sorry things doesn't work out between us. Either it's your problem or my problem, it's a good memories indeed. It's something we both can keep deep down in the memory box. Thank you for being patience enough with my terrible decision making, all the time I wasted when you put me first in everything you did. All the time you made yourself free to spend time with me but i'm somewhere out there doing things for my selfish self. All in all thanks for being selfless with me and your uncountable patience and forgives when my sorry no longer has meaning. Thank you for still being my friend after all the pains i given to you. I hope someday someone will appreciate you the way you are supposed to be appreciated, taken care of and loved. I know you will.

. . . 

Forgetting Shaun.

I believe you will be good. Since first it started it might look like not a serious kind of relationship. I don't know how would you address it. I think it's too late for me to regret now about what happened between us. You will be fine. The way you handle it, very harsh on me, maybe you just trying to be strong. You are never sad, never frustrated I supposed. I know you are trying, I tried too but I guess I tried when its too late.

He will be good to me. She will be good to you. You have everybody around you too, you know they will always have your back. All this time, they always had your back. Listen to them, that's what you always did anyway.

Maybe one day, when you have everything in place, when you finally enter the world I'm standing now, you will understand why am I like this, like that. It's not always fun as you might thought. It's not always how you want it to be. Sorry I neglected you, Sorry I'm too selfish, Sorry It's all about me, Sorry It's never about you, I'm Sorry we failed.

Good Bye Shaun.

Sometimes we get lonely even when we are not alone. Surrounded by tons of people or the one we love. However, it doesn't really mean you are not lonely. Feeling neglected, like they are on their world and you are somewhere in between.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Self Reminder

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Image result for don't give up quotes tumblr
Image result for don't give up quotes tumblr
Image result for don't give up quotes tumblr

Image result for don't give up quotes tumblr

Don't Give Up Rina.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Working life

Hello there! Today let's talk about work perhaps? 
No this is not a guideline to get job or how to pass an interview or what so ever. It's most likely just about my working life so far and a tiny thoughts about working for you.

I've been working permanently for only two years now at two different company. Now...a person like me is someone who don't really up to an office hours kind of things but also not up to going out at a time simply because i hate driving and i want to save my fuel for the weekend (GOD). Now that's my major life crisis. It's two things that can't get together yet it lives inside me..(imagine that).

Lemme say a little bit about my work experience (omg a resume!) I work as an executive underwriter in assurance industry for a year and a half. It's a very stable job i would say. Doing the same shits everyday, if i do it for another ten years, i can be a specialist :) . Sadly, i gave up this job because of; i don't like staying back after office hours and it feels like school cause taking a leave is like a no-no even when i'm entitled 22 days days off in a year :/ And also because i got bored with the 9-6 routine :/

So i changed my job field. Then i work as an account executive for fmcg(fast moving consumer goods) in retail advertising for 3 months now (hahaha). It's an interesting job i would say, 40% of what i expected and the other 60% i would say not pretty much how i imagined. It's sales and marketing kind of shits. And i hate doing sales, it doesnt matter what kind of sales is it. But of course, i get involved in client servicing too which is not very fun, cause clients is such a bitch(most of them) and pretending to be the most happiest and please person is just not my thing, but i still did. Perks? oh the time might be not flexible enough but going home early/getting coffee break in the middle of working hours is not a big deal :) 

What i'm trying to say? I'm not happy with my job :( Yes i'm maybe the bitch when it comes to work. WHY? Cause I know it is important and it is where my money came from(not born rich problem). As sucks as it may sounds working is a thing you did for your life, when you don't own a family business to catch on or not enough modal to start up a business of your own. We work to feed ourselves and pay the bloody bills,loan.etc etc. That's why i think it is important for me to be happy with my job. There's many people out there who can adapt well to their terrible job, who sucks up the pain to stay put in the job, hey people I salute you!!!  

So why can't I do that? I can do it if I want. 
But I realized that...... I'm too young to suck up the pain that i had for the job i'm unhappy with. 
I realized that at this young age I actually can explore more job fields and keep on finding something i truly love to do (perhaps) or at least a job that i'm comfortable AND gain more experience is totally a bonus.

They said, jumping from one job to another wouldn't make your resume look good and employer wouldn't like that. Yes it is true! But you are doing this for yourselves. If you believe it that way, then do it that way, stays until you think it is enough to move on. For me, I believe, resigning and moving on from a company isn't something you should see as a bad thing, to me it is rather a stepping stone for you to move further and gain extrassss in everything. 

When it comes to work, I always thought to myself, does it makes me happy? Does it worth to work extra for this? Often we look for a company that treat us well,don't we? You will realized about it in no time when you start working. Trust me, we all know.

So pick a job that makes you happy. A job that doesn't make you throw away your personal life. I know it's pretty rough to balance working life and personal life these days but it actually up to you to decide. It's your life, it's your career. Don't chase after a level so much that's all i can say.

Tell me your work stories :)

Let's call it a day at work, it's time to head home :)


Friday, April 29, 2016

College guy vs Working guy

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Hey, today's post a bit realistic (maybe absurd too?). lolololl..ok today i would like to share a lit bit of my perspective towards love & relationship (hehe). As you can see i have lot of emotional posts in my previous years (HAHA), Let's just say, I'm young by that time ok (uh what an excuse).
It's like my only way of expressing my emotion after bugging people with it..cause i dont really post my unstable emotion(by that time) in facebook or where ever. So blog the shits instead, that's pretty much explained all these bullshits in my older posts ;p

So as times goes by, as I grew older (ahem) and get busy and super busy with lots more things to worry of (instead of love love and boys boys), i came to realize that life is more than just relationship duhh... But today, let's talk about "Dating a college guy vs Dating a working guy" from my own perspective...ok?

A college/university guy (whatever as long as still studying and not working full time)

1. Time
He always free. How can he not? Especially if he is not the nerdy type, well even if he is, he still got time. I attended a private uni and has more friend from private uni. Most of the time our classes not the morning to evening/night time. I don't know about you but in my circles, it always either only morning or only evening. Even if there's time when its full day,still....there's always time for dating HAHAHAA... and of course, semester break is a bonus (except if we back to our hometown). But speaking if we are not, this the time where you walk or get together like 24/7 ? lolololl... And unless he is working part time then you might see him when he's free but still alot of times. Basically free all the time.

2. Free spirit
He's a free spirit. He has nothing to worry of. It explains a lot cause we all still studying, apart of worrying the upcoming exam and maybe about working which is still far away. There's nothing else to worry. Money? he has his parents and also the loan/allowance/etc etc. There's no concern about money even if you are not earning (amazing isn't it?)

3. Cool 
He seems the coolest guy in town (speaking of crush). When he hit you back, you just feel like omggg he spot me ..omggg i'm going to be the prettiest/coolest/hottest girl in town after dating this awesome guy in town. He's young but all you thought of, he's so charming, "mature" and all that. He's just so perfect in your eyes.

4. Sorry baby/babe/honey/sweetheart/sugar/bunny/bubu/BAE/whatever sweet you said it
Ok let's be honest, during my college times, Bae doesn't exist. Even if it does probably because Bae is a name or simply a typo from babe hahahahhaa. So what i'm trying to say is, this young guy always going to rain you with lots of beautiful words that makes you melts all the time. Yes that's right by calling you all these sweet names to saying something that sound so poetry and also keep apologizing to even the smallest thing possible. They seems so sweet and leaving us with all the floating heart shapes all around our head, eyes, and  heart..You know those awww feeling. Just awww...

A working guy (working full time or lets say older than you)

1. Time
He's working 8 hours day or maybe more. He filled his days with works. By the time he finished work, he already tired. We understand that, if we are working too. As we started working we got really tired and ugh we need some rest after a full day of work. Even the work start at 8am and finish by 6pm. That's not how he's everyday routine start. If his house away from his office, he have to get up earlier, get ready (no need so much time for this lol), and start driving out to avoid/get through the traffic jam. By 6 o clock in the evening, he still have to drive home...and sometimes he might wait till 7pm or 8pm for extra working hours or simply to avoid the peak hours. He don't always have time in the weekdays. Weekend is a bonus. He's free and this is where you can hangout/date with him :)

2. More oriented
He's no longer a free spirit. By this time, the guy already know what he wants in his life. He has goals for long term (just maybe abit blurry,but he knows). He works toward that goals, be it earn more and more, buying cars/houses/etc etc, He simply has something in his minds. Plus, he is independent. He don't have loan, in fact he has to pay loan (lol). No more parent to support him financially, so he is more oriented on his spending. This is where his responsibility traits come along. You know, you gotta work to have to be concern on the money this time,.no more amazing thingy happened. (sadly)

3. Smart
Instead of acting cool. He prefer smart. Smart as in style and also attitude. Working guy tend to be more honest. Instead of acting cool 100% times in front of you. This guy will literally just fart in front of you (hahaha i dont know how is that smart). JK. Ok smart as in he will advice you when you to whatever you doing. Be it when you do something wrong or when you slack over something. But most importantly when you ask for the advices, instead of showering you with lots of comfort, he will tell you the ugly truth, helps you at his best, open your eyes to the real world and try to guide you to something good. 

4. Let's talk/discuss about it baby/insert name here
While there's still guy out there will say the sweet things to you, like how the young guy did. I realized when they started working, there's just no more super duper sweet thingy anymore (they probably found it cheesy at this age). Instead of just saying "sorry baby i won't do it again" all over again over text messages, this guy will talk to you face to face and actually discuss with you what is wrong, what is the point of the argument, what are we arguing for again, why why and why. Eventually try to solve and not repeating the same thing (although it actually might repeat,cause relationship always like that lol). There's no more awwww feeling in terms of sweet words but maybe more in his actions. They tend to react more than speak out this time. Safe to say there's more "wow he actually care/love me" compare to "aww you such a sweetie muchoo muchoo miao miao" 


After re-reading I think some of this actually apply to girls too hahaha...

Well, that's just a little bit of my point of views. You might find it ridiculous or err i don't know.
Whatever it is, you have your own perspective, so it is totally up to you.
 Share your thoughts and let me know :)

Bye :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So I started acting ............jk XD

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Heyy, it's me again! Surprised with the sudden often post? lol it's just day two anyway (since yesterday's post) lolololll... I might get like super busy and forgot to blog (or simply lazy again). Most probably just have nothing to blog =,="

Here to brag about Dan Khoo Production new video "Strong Chinese Medicine". Yup....go to youtube and watch that video right now, which released last night (UTC+08:00). Why? cause I appeared in the video bahahhaha..ahh well . . .  just as a crowd . . .  but still . . .  i'm in there lololololll ... 
right? right?'s my first attempt in acting which involved face/emotion reaction,lol...After my first act in a commercial ads so many years ago. Give me a bit of support lahhhh :p

Go and watch lah ok, It does no harm to you, me or whoever HAHAHHAAAAAA...
In case it stills harm you in anyway,  i'm not responsible muahahahahaa...jk..

Lemme . . . . . . 
Give you guys the links to some of my awesome acting skills :p 

That's all. K Bye... Got to start working ! ?  -,-'

Monday, April 25, 2016

Still remember me?

Hey what's up people! Been a long time aye?'s definitely a long one. As always, nothing interesting to blog about, even after that very super duper long days, months, year? Lolololl... I guess my life is not that hype for me to constantly update in here. Pretty much, waking up every morning head to work, come back home and chill (maybe some cooking involved before chilling,lol). On the weekend, not as much nightlife anymore, as I prefer to have netflix & chill kind of night (No sex involved,it's literally feeding myself with potato chips and eat it on my bed,seriously). You see? How boring HAHA...As boring as it sounds, i love chilling in my house more than anything else. I think i just got older (or becoming a boring person).

Talking about work, i can't seems to find work that I love any more. My tolerance towards this work thingy is very low nowadays. Last February, i resigned from the assurance industry and shifted to advertising industry. Two months plus passed, I already found myself applying for another job (boss in case you read this, sorry from the bottom of my heart). This new office is ok, what i like most is the people. It's really different from my previous company. This one is really friendly, outgoing and just fun. I'm going to miss this if i resign (again,boss i'm sorry..but by this time i actually don't get any job yet lol). But i just wish i can get out from here. Why? because ... Sales and me...we just can't get together!! As much money we have in sales, i just don't like doing sales. For God Sake! I tried to talk to my boss about this, but he seems to let me try, cause he said I can do sales. Well umm yeah...i guess i can do sales (i did it before tho) and this advertising sales is so much  fun compare to other kind of sales BUT AGAIN I DON'T LIKE THE WORDS SALES. Oh why did I throw myself into this position. (God have mercy on me,please). God, take me out from here. I got migraine thinking how to get out. At this time, i was hoping at 101% that i actually get a new operation job in went for interview already...err sorry boss, i need to make myself happy). Whatever. I'm just a little stress (maybe not little). Working sucks when you don't enjoy it. (I never enjoy any work anyway,wtff).

Other updates to my not so awesome life? Nothing really hahahha!!! Oh I get myself a car already and start driving(finally) like a crazy mofo.. I realized sometimes I don't like driving. I'm pretty much shits on the road (lady driver sucks they said) but whatever. And I depending on Waze like 200% at a times. Yeah that's how not awesome am I.

I guess, that's all for now. I basically just have to let go my "work thingy burden BAHAHAHAAAA... Trying to get more updates here too, like before. Just have to scoop out all the things inside my everyday life and throw it all out here muahhahahahaa...instead of just complaining. 

Ok bye ~ 

                                                       *Lemme gift you my cute selfie*

(dammit i'm FABULUS)