Thursday, February 26, 2015


This was rather a reminder post for myself. I have been so unfair with myself. Sometimes, i just got to go back in time to remind myself of who i used to be. I don't wish the same things happened ever again. I have to continuously reminding myself that there's nothing wrong of being alone. Yes! Yes it's true we love being alone but not being lonely. But isn't it related to one another? Yes Rina, sometimes you have to remember those bad times you've gone through before. Just because your wheel turn up and everything seems good now, doesnt mean it won't go down again, right? You are strong enough to go through that past years with all the heartbreaks and shits. Look at you now, you are stronger, cause you are strong enough to walk over the bad times. For sure you don't want to be burn by the same flames again this time. Remember Rina, no matter where life takes you, Stay strong! It won't be easy but it will be worth it. Take a look at yourself now, you never imagine all this coming, do you? It's surprising what life has for you. Better things are coming. Chase your dream and always stay true to yourself. Go for what you think good for you, keep on trying! It will always be a no if you don't try so just go for your dream. It won't bring you any harms right, we learn from experience.  

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