Friday, July 17, 2015

// Emotional Breakdown //

No, I cannot be as you wish. No, I am not one of those girl that you and maybe guys out there ever wish to have, not even appear in anybody perfect girl lists. No, I am not the girl that everyone talks about, you may spill out my name to anyone and no one will ever have the idea who i am. No, i am not your dream girl, I don't have what you wish I have. Myself my body isn't perfect, there is too much imperfection that i myself couldn't figure out. Yes i can do something about it and yet i didn't do anything about it. No, i don't have money as much. No, i don't have friend that i could hang out with. No, i don't hang out as much as you or maybe as much you want me to. No, my life is not as happening as i wish it is. That was it, i have nothing really, nothing hype, nothing fun, nothing interesting, nothing attractive, absolutely nothing. Just to think about it, it disturb me emotionally and mentally. It scary to think that i have nothing to offer, nothing to show. It's pathetic. 

I wish i have so much more. So much to offer, an interesting life, attractive appearance. Something that you can be proud of, perhaps. 

I've tried so hard but I guess, I am just me. This is how i am. I can't never be as perfect as your imagination, as your wish, as your dream, I can't be what I am trying to be, because I am not. This is me.

The imperfect person, the emotionally unstable at times, cause i filled with insecurities telling me that i am not good enough. I can't do nothing about it, i am just like this, this is the real me.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Poreless Face x Airbrush Effect Makeup

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Lip Balm x Just Bitten Kissable

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Thursday, February 26, 2015


This was rather a reminder post for myself. I have been so unfair with myself. Sometimes, i just got to go back in time to remind myself of who i used to be. I don't wish the same things happened ever again. I have to continuously reminding myself that there's nothing wrong of being alone. Yes! Yes it's true we love being alone but not being lonely. But isn't it related to one another? Yes Rina, sometimes you have to remember those bad times you've gone through before. Just because your wheel turn up and everything seems good now, doesnt mean it won't go down again, right? You are strong enough to go through that past years with all the heartbreaks and shits. Look at you now, you are stronger, cause you are strong enough to walk over the bad times. For sure you don't want to be burn by the same flames again this time. Remember Rina, no matter where life takes you, Stay strong! It won't be easy but it will be worth it. Take a look at yourself now, you never imagine all this coming, do you? It's surprising what life has for you. Better things are coming. Chase your dream and always stay true to yourself. Go for what you think good for you, keep on trying! It will always be a no if you don't try so just go for your dream. It won't bring you any harms right, we learn from experience.  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Yay!! Thank God for the life! Able to breath in the new year fresh air (jk it isnt fresh at all, i mean this city air lol).

But anyway, i've been very busy to the point i have no time to online properly (as in, you know just chilling on the internet, like those time when we just got internet,wtff). Seriously, i'm busy, trust me! :p . Started working yayy!! I've been really worried about not getting a job after i finish my internship (fyi it takes me forever to finally get an intership fml) but thank God, everything went well after some hardships. I just got to hold on a little. 

So here it goes, the life of the career woman (wtf!) .. Seeing myself working now (a permanent and stable one), I never thought this could happened this way, of where am i standing now, what am i doing now and what am i up to on one of these days, I didnt see it coming. Last year, i'm just one of those shitty crying at home (so called hostel) and my own home (hometown home) about how hopeless i'm that time. Things doesn't always come my way. Pretty much a bad year half way through. 

Untill one day, i stand up on my feet telling myself that i'm strong enough to move on, despite of all the hardships (and shits). 

Looking back, I'm glad of how far have i walk through. It isnt that far enough though but for me it is way better than where i used to be. I saw how my break down self and raising up self had given inspiration to some of my closest friend. I'm glad that i can help them with what i can, through my experience. I'm that Tough Cookie, as everybody knows.

To this time, i still stumble into days where i feel like falling apart and just break down and weak AGAIN (i still have emotion tho). I remind myself each and everytime to never back down, to never go back to the place where i used to be. I walk to this distance and i shall go further. Tough Cookie dont break right Rina?! You are one tough cookie💪🍪

So back to the new year thingy'
As usual i dont have those proper new year resolution (i'm sucks like that) but i do wish i will be better this year and ahead. Still so long way to go, i have so much in minds in which sometimes i just go stunt and it feels like empty (hmm).
I think way too much, i know. (Fml) 

Again Happy New Year 2015
May the year brings us lots more happines,wealth,good health and infinity blessings. Love❤️