Saturday, February 1, 2014


Yes! You can't do that!! You can't just come into my life like a sudden struck of lightning. Making me feel numb of your feelings. Letting me break down my walls just so you can come in and make a new beginning with me. I saw you trying hard to get my attention, i saw the way you sacrifice yourself for me, i saw you doing things for me. In the end i fell for you, i fell you. I finally give you the key. The key to my heart. I let you hold the trigger with hopes you won't pull it towards me. You said, we'll be together. You said we'll be good. You made me believe! You made me believe that i can love again, that i can trust again. But why? Why did you do this to me? Why are you being so cruel? After all that i did for you, after i gave you the chance to start anew with me, why did you broke your words? Why did you pull the triggers towards me? Why would you kill me? After all this while, does everything that you said are even real??? Why? Why did you disguise yourself as an angel if you aren't at the first place??? Why would you made me believe that it is all real??? Why would you make me cry like this? This bad. Why? Have you ever think how hurt it was to be treated like this? Like everything was never happened, but deep down in my heart, for once, it was something that meant a lot to me. Why would you push me away if you cared? All these tears, would you explained me why you put it there? Why? Why?

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