Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm Absurd

I was watching The Notebook online, started to enjoy the movie and already into the love spirits of it and maybe ready to cry on the sad/sensitive/emotional parts,lol. Suddenly my internet line started to bicthing wtfff! Not allowing me to watch further of this awesome movie. Wait for it to resume for abt 30 mins but it wont duhhh. So i decided to close that tab and just blogging instead, wtff. 

I have no idea, why i get the blogging mojo out of sudden. I might be way toooo bored now. Plus all these emotions i had, probably giving out the power for me to blog, lol!!!! Except, all the posts are craps and too damn emotional =,=" . At least, this is my other options, rather than keep on telling people (the 3 person in previous post) abt how fragile i am, wtfff. They can throw up by listening to my story again and again,lol!!!

Was a hot day today. Oh come on Rina! Head up Princess! Your tiara is falling!!

There was an anchor inside me. It pull me down, so hard. I need to let go of this anchor or i will die. 

I'm absurd. That's what i learned about me today. Or maybe yesterday.

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