Saturday, January 4, 2014

I just want roses.

Happy New Year 2014 to all :)
What's your new year resolution? lol!
Nahh.. i don't have any, i'm the type of person who doesn't own new year resolution

I think nothing really change for me so far
When i thought i already stumble on happiness, it was false alarm :(
I'm sad again, when can i deserve true happiness? :/
Well, yeah i know i'm already have the best, i'm already awesome
I just need to realized about it.
Someone always remind me; 
''LOVE YOURSELF MORE, before loving others''
 another one once told me;
''Don't fall too hard, don't cry for someone who don't deserve it"
and another told me;
''Love them for only what they deserve, don't hurt yourself''
I guess they were right.

All this while, i was surrounded by the people who cares
I'm trying to prove them, i was right this time, i was good this time.
But maybe not yet, maybe it's too soon :(
I was still fragile, maybe at times i failed being that TOUGH COOKIE i always mention
I reminded myself all the time, to be strong, to be tough, and never cry!

Take a deep breath and let it go!
I guess this is the best time to give up, before it hurts more :(
If he really cares like what they said, he'll find his way back
If he doesn't, you know that you got to move on now.
After all, don't wait for someone who don't want to be there at the first place.

Be strong ! You are one tough cookie !

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