Friday, January 31, 2014

Just the girls

Oh Hi again XD
I just wanna share how grown up I am , wtfff lolllll
Despite of all the heart breaks and shitss which made me look immature 
(yes im kinda immature i guess)
But heyy i'm grown up now! I'm a lady. You get me? A lady! A Woman! (lol)
ok whatever.

So my point is, it's how much I have grown up :o . I realized these recent years, my friends and I have talked so much, wayyyy toooo muuuch about our future, Like what's going to happen in the next few years?. Another examples; Who's gonna start working first? Where will we be in few years after this? Where will we settle down? Who's gonna get marry first? Who's gonna pregnant first? Who will we marry?  Will we be fat after we got marry? Will we still be friend like now after years? AND it continues as; "We must attend each other wedding ok" , "If any of us get pregnant at the same time, our children must be friend too, let them play together" , Dont stop posting photos cause we wanna see how we look like, who's getting fat or thin or maintain" , "We must make a reunion after being apart in the future" , "Maybe we will stumble on each other, with you carrying your children/babies and I was pregnant or the other way around". But the best part was when they said "Even if time flies and we are apart, I know when we meet again, we will always be crazy" , "Yeah we are crazy together". 

This conversations, keep on repeating day after day. We never got bored of it. We could talk about it this morning, and tonight and again the next morning. It's wonderful how life had bring you girls to my life. Every time i think of our conversation, i couldn't imagine how would it really be when we are already apart. I will miss all of our memories together. We had gone through hardship and good times together and how we always protected, helped, take care, coax each other, it made me want us to stay like this for more longer time. Yes it's true, we are crazy together. All we did was laughing, we can enjoy walking under the hot sun, we can laugh under the heavy rain, simply because we have each other and there's so much to talk about. We bought matching shirts, shorts, rings, bracelets, sandals, shoes. We enjoy shopping together. We stand by each other side during the hard times, we cry together, we got angry together, we advices each other and most importantly we love each other. That's all that matters :)

I really do will miss you girls :')

I don't know how to end this post cause i have so much in minds, lol. Every single day we created more and more crazy, funny, sweet memories together. I just couldn't close my eyes to the things that we did when we are together. I simply love the feelings when I'm with them. I could forget my sadness/problems for a little while. 

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