Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello Octopus!

Hi, it's Octopus month again, October. 
My life, has been very crazy. But i always thankful to God. You know, when you left everything to His will, he surely lead you to something better. 
I was having a very miserable life and i was lost, i have no idea what exactly wrong with me, i did nothing but being patience. Becoming more optimist and live by Faith. 
Faith, it has been my motivation, in everything that i did, all we gotta do are, having Faith. Don't lose and never back down. 

In the time when i felt so down and lost, i found happiness in the most unxpected time. God has his own way of showing His loves towards us. I must admit that i'm happy. Yes, it hurts. It hurts i wanna cry. But i won't, i've promised myself! 
Life goes on! There's nothing to be worry about. 
When one door closes, another opens. Don't look at the closed door anymore, time to move on! 

People will say they love you today and forget it tomorrows. People like this come and go. Never cry for them and don't beg for their love. It's not worth it! All they knew was just saying crap that they don't even understand. Making promises they can't keep. Stop fooling ourselves!

A woman don't need a man who don't need her! And if a man love the woman so much, it won't be easy for him to replace her place. And if its as easy as ABC, clearly the woman wasn't that important since the very beginning. 

And for me, i think . . . 
Some people are like cloud, when they gone, it's a brighter day. 

Happy October :) 

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