Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rainbow, i'll wait for you :)

I'm doing good, doing better, i guess.
After awhile, it kinda hurts.
Well, it was my decision from the start, i won't regret it.
I know, maybe now or later, they'll come a point that i will regret this.
But i also have a sense that, one day i'm going to thank myself for making this decision.
After all, i have no idea what the future holds for me.
Quite fascinating, isn't it??

It's like today it seems so right but the next day it all goes wrong
Or the other way around.
Anyway, it's my life, i'm the one who decide of what i'm going to do or not to do
It might sound selfish or wicked or whatever mean thing it is, but that's it!

I won't cry for the same thing twice, ok wrong!
I cried for the same thing twice!
Twice are enough! There won't be the third!
People say, it's alright to cry but don't cry for so long, Do Stop!
So my friend told me that i'm strong, she told me i'm strong for not crying!
I know right. hmm Actually . . . .
 I never know i was so strong until being strong is the only choice i had.
I guess that decision i made was one of it.

Apparently. i'm moving on. I moved on!
It's nothing :)
Yes, of course i'm a little sad. i would be lying if i said i don't.
It's just that i'm so good at hiding it. But it's alright.
I chose this way. I know i will be happy.
It just take a little time, only little. :)

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