Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July here we go!!!!

Hello everyone!

I'm back in July~
Living away from home, away from what i used to live and away from all the comfort zone i used to have. 
It has opened my eyes, my mind, my attention in life.
It made me realized that i have so much more to do, much more to gain and i'm not even half way to get there now. 
Process of adapting myself in here taken quite shorter than i thought it was. I can actually live alone, and i guess for now being alone is the best. Having to take care of everything on my own, deciding on my own and if i ever feel down, i must cheer myself. Nobody going to cheer and actually care how i feel. I realized that my independent life has brought me so much hope and dream for me to live. Although i was really tired most of the time but i knew this was just a beginning to a better life. Therefore, i'll be more energetic and look forward for the best. It doesn't matter if i don't have anyone by myself to love me, to care of me, I can take care of myself and love myself. I learnt that, sometimes it's just not worth it. When you love someone so much and you actually take good care of them. They took your love and care for granted. It made me weak and feeling so poor. Now i decided, i won't let those feelings conquer my life anymore. I will be good! Even if i'm alone, i'm stronger and better than i was before. 

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