Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What is the speed of your money? (o.O)

Well actually i'm not going to teach some physics things,
like for example counting the speed, accelerations, etc
What i meant by "what is the speed of your money? " is . . . .
Nowadays, it is so freaking easy to lost your money in just few second :/
AND by 'lost' i mean, using it to buy foods and whatever.

Situation: 60.70$ for a day~
1. Buying two hairspray for personal use: 14.90$ x 2 = 29.80$
2. Cream case for medicine use: 3.90$
3. Starbucks's chocolate roll: 4.05$
4. Two Egg Dotts's egg tart: 1.30$ x 2 =2.60$ 
5. Coffee Bean's iced vanilla latte, regular size: 13.80$
6. Paying car parking ticket: 2.50$
Total = 56.65$ 
Balance: 4.05

That was just an example that i use from somewhere! 
Now think again, how fast your money fly?

Let's calculate our everyday money use and save more!
We often put less attention on our expenses and just worrying later on.
That was a very very very bad habit that we all did, me too :/

It's never too late to change and start to care on our expenses
Therefore, we can reduce the amount of money we use on unnecessary things.
We can start by using Everyday Expense Book
We can buy this book that specialize for us to record our expenses.
However, i believe not many people are interested with this any more
Because in this new generation of smart phone, 
We can download the Daily Expense Manager
from iTunes for Apple user and Google Play for Android user for FREE!
Yes!! for free!!! So what are you waiting for?
Start saving your money and reduce your expenses :)

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