Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Days I'm away from home :/

Hello everyone~
I've moved!!! Yeah to the big city
i know home not a big city but i love it more than here
i know right, it can be said it's way more good in here
but damn! home are way better, like seriously :/

Move to a 12 floor apartment, and i was on the 12th floor
it's quite good to be in the 12th floor, cause i don't need to worry people seeing me through my window
i can see the nice night view, as you can see above ^^^^
well, maybe not that nice, but it still can make me calm every night i look out the window
it makes me thinking quite a lot 

Too many of walking and buses and monorail and whatever shits it is :'(
Not to forget the super hot whether..gosh!!!
Alright need to sleep by now, need to wake early by tomorrow

** actually I'm not feeling really good, might have been caught sick because of home sick**

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