Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My month!

Hi bloggers!
Weehuu it's May now.. 
My favourite month of the year.
Why? Cause it's the month that i was born, although every year i will grow older on this month hahaha..
I felt so happy, my birthday almost arrived, less than one week until 23rd :)

Talking about birthday..
I knew some people not quite like to celebrate it as if it reminds them that they have grew older and that was not good. I know, all of us scared of getting old and old, me too! But what can we do that's just life. So while we can, let's celebrate birthday! It doesn't matter how old we are getting to, as long as we alive, we are still young. 

Life was too short. 
Let me take an example. 
If one reach the age of 40; When you still alive and still have the chance to celebrate your 40th birthday, you'll go on saying "oh please i'm too old for birthday celebration". 
However for some unfortunate people, they don't even have the chance to reach 41 years old. They die at 40, and you'll say " he/she was just 40 years old, still too young to die". 
Did you see the different it makes?
So people don't bother how old are you, life was precious. Enjoy it with the people around you. Appreciates each other, spend the good life and make sweet memories together while the chances are still here. 

I hope all of you people out there are happy and blessed in every way God had gave. 

See you in next post :')


Gabrielle Atmajaya said...

hello, nice blog! :D

Rina Yoon said...

hello Gabrielle, thank you so much :) thanks for paying a visit too^