Monday, April 1, 2013

My heart speak.

In a relationship that has been for one year and more, there's no such thing as 'first time'. In those time we together, in that one year and more, we have going through a lots of thing. We laugh, we cry, we have fun, we have problem, we do silly things together, we go here and there, and without we even realized, we done so many things together. Watching and hearing the same jokes all the time and yet we still laugh about and soon we don't cause we know it is lame.
But why do fighting over the same thing is a big deal? Why do we ask and tell each other, " This isn't the first time, we fought about this so many times" . If we know that we dealing over the same thing all over again, we surely know how to solve it. Things won't go away just like that. In a relationship there's so many challenges and obstacle. Problems will come, whether new problem or old problem, it will always approach the relationship.
Relationship needed lots and lots of forgiveness. There's no such things as 'bored of forgiving' . Cause if there is, no marriage will last like grandpa and grandma.
Relationship is accepting, and accepting involve forgiving.
There's a rule is relationship. We always hear about trust as the foundation of relationship, followed by loyalty, honesty, respect and love.
However, we often forgot one thing,
Words. Words is sharp, it can be hurt, one little simple word can break a heart. Words, it's very dangerous. Once it's said it can never be taken back. We might forget but the people who received won't forget it. Like trust, Once they lie, no action can ever be true.
Trust, It's like paper, once it crumble, it can never be the same as the first any more.
Words, It's like glass, once you broke it, there's nothing you can do, you can throw it away, but the broken glass can never be paste again.

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