Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One of the scariest feeling

If you ask to all the people out there,
What is their scariest feeling?
Most has answered ;
The feeling of not being Love.

No Love: what & how was that?
When you feel so alone,
Like there's nothing else left for you,
Nobody see you even if you stand in the center of attention,
You are unwanted,
And if you're gone, nobody will realize.

How pathetic??
We all hate this feeling!!
Especially, when there is actually one person who you thought would make you feel loved.
But sometimes, they just don't.
And it get worst when they, always don't.
How pathetic.

However, be remember people,
When it seems so,
There's actually someone who won't give It's back to you.
God will always Love us :)
His Love are like the universe;

It is big, wide, beautiful and infinity. 

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