Saturday, March 30, 2013

Old and New :)

Hi everyone :)
As you can see, my blog is completely different now!!
A very drastic change, wasn't it? 

It was waaaaaaay different from before
there's no more link to other people blog,
no more catchy blog, no more floating hearts,
no more cute mouse, no cartoon jumping and dancing
no cupcakes as the background, no more other site
no more these, no more that, what so ever ~

Well, it's hard for me to do this drastic change to this blog
it has been years it was like that, and now no more :/

The reason i did it because, out of the blue
my sidebar shift down :/
to the bottom of my blog, that's very annoying
i tried everything to put it back on the right hand side as usual
but uhmmmm, nothing seems to change
so with lots of thinking (about two days i guess?)
i finally decided to redo everything
deleted all the sidebars, (i really did it o,o)
which is not really my style to have such big change
but what to do?!!

One thing i realized about me, 
i'm no longer the designer :/
i mean, as you can see my blog before this
it was full with these and that, sort of unimportant things
but but but but very beautiful, cute, nice and catchy 
you know, those thing, girly, bling here and there
no more, no more,
it's not that i don't want but i was Lazy :o
i'm too lazy to customize everything :/
so here it is :)
my new blog template/design/ whatever you called it

slightly, an about me, some photo
translater for reader all over the world ( if there is :/ lol )
blog archive and uh follower 
i also put some music player in the bottom
what i like about this player; if you move to next post
the music will stay, it won't start over :) 
so uhmm it won't annoy you, since i just put one post per page
if you still annoy just click pause hahahahhahhhaaaa!!

Plus, this changed had brought back my
'past post' and 'next post' button
oh good!! after so long and some comment/complaint about it
i finally fixed it :) now you can read my past post easily
by simply clicking on the buttton, in the bottom of each post

anyhow, i felt good, yeah good
it feels more simple and light now
with the soft heart pink vintage flower as the background
don't you think???  don't you think???

here are some snap shot~

  my old blog style :) 

my current blog style :)

so mmmmm...
if you have any idea, what else to put on my blog 
you can tell me :)

that's all for now
see you in next coming post :)

i will try to post something about facts or what so ever it is
other than just talking crap, ok?
i will try :)


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