Thursday, March 28, 2013

Helolololooo :)

Hey all, how are you guys doing? :)
nothing much from me,
it's just that reading people's blog making me feel like 
i shall update mine too XD

recently, i've been updated my blog through my iphone
but one thing i dislike about it was
i can't put the picture in between my post;
all the photo was placed in the of post :/
and i can't have a coloured words
and i have to go to my laptop and adjust everything
like, colour the words, put my words in center
and the only things i dont usually change was the picture 
If you are my loyal reader (lol) !!!
you can actually realized that i always put picture before my words
like above ^^^^^^^^
but if you don't see picture on top but bottom instead
then you know, it was a post from iphone :/

ok now i lost my idea :/
i just leave this for about 4mins to watch youtube
and now i forgot what am i going to write here
i/m having bad memory now 
fuck my life!!
i need to eat more vitamins

*and oh here's the recent me :)

see you guys very very very soon people :)

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