Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fruits Chocolate :)

Hi as i promise in previous post
i will try to post something different other than 
just talking crap about myself lollololll

So here is it :)
today i'll post about foodss ok? XD
I'm going to show you guys how to make
fruits chocolate, this is my favourite hhehe
but in this post the fruit i will be using is Strawberry (my favourite)
you can use any fruits, depends on you :)

Let's start :)

use any types/brand you like 
cut it into tiny pieces, so that it will easily melt

put the chocolate in a small bowl
and  then put the bowl inside of hot water
it's like you steam the bowl,
this way, the choc will melt due to the hot surrounding
as the picture above ^^^^

Ready melt chocolate
However, if you're lazy to do so
you can simply use this type of chocolate
which we usually put on a bread

As your chocolate already melt
get ready your fruits
wash your fruits with clean water and cut into half
well, it is depend on you whether to cut or let it in its original shape

After that, you can dip you fruits into the melt chocolate
you can dip the whole fruits or just half or whatever, as you like
Here, you can eat your fruits that already dip into the melt chocolate
OR you can freeze it first :)

 These are the result :)
You can decorate it as you want, you can use other fruits too
you can use normal choc, white choc, black choc, etc
other than that, as one the picture above you can add marshmallow too^^
you can sprinkle some choc rice on it or any other foods decorations

That's all for today
hope it help you guys on how to make your own fruits chocolate :)
it's very simple and easy, most importantly it save your money a lots!!!

I  already done this myself and i very much into it :)
glad to have a helping hand from my sis too :p

if there's anything you don't understand
leave your comment in the comment box below
but i hope you can understand :p

enjoy your foods people :)

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