Sunday, March 31, 2013

Egg White & Honey facial mask

Hi everyone :)
Today i will come out with another post 
it's about home made face mask

We going to have an own made mask of

Before i start with the step by step
let me first state the benefits of these mixture as a face mask

This mask is good for clogged pores, redness, dryness.
Honey and egg make a moisturizing, nourishing and tightening facial mask.

Ok let's get started ^^

Get ready your stuff
if you don't have specific tools as above
you can simply use a bowl from your kitchen
and tea spoon to stir the mixture
or you can just use the brush to stir
but you do need the face mask brush
to make it easier for your to apply the mask onto your face
because this mixture quite sticky

Egg white
Get the egg/eggs and separate the white from yolk
as you can see above 
(i usually put the egg inside refrigerator, so it will be cold)

Pour out some honey
add just a little bit into the egg white
(i usually put the honey inside refrigerator, so it will be cold)

Stir the egg white and honey 
blend it all together until it looks something like this
note that, the colour of the mixture is depends
on how much honey your pour into the egg white
(as i mention above, i let my honey and egg cold, because it feels good to have a cold face mask)

After that, as you already blend the mixture well
you can use your brush and apply it onto your face
Apply your mask as the picture above
apply it all over your face, you can apply it as thick as you wanted
Now wait for 20-25 minutes :)

Once you finish, clean your face with rough face sponge
soak the sponge into warm water and rub your face slowly
we using this type of sponge because, 
the mixture is sticky and it would be easier to remove it with sponge
plus, using sponge to clean your face is more clean and faster
but do make sure your sponge is clean!!! do not use kitchen/car sponge >,<

After removing all the mixture from your face
now wash your face again with clean water
make sure you clean all the mixture's remaining from your face

When done dry your face with clean towel.
You'll feel the fresh upon your face right after that :)
Your face will feel tight and moisture, quick isn't it?
You can try yourself.

This was a very quick skin remedy
It can save budget and feel good at the same time
If you do not have time/money to go to the spa
or too busy to check out into health store to buy facial mask
That's alright this Egg Honey facial mask can help you

When you're doing your mixture, you'll realize that
you will be using all the egg white and honey
once you apply onto your face, doesn't matter how thick
you still have more remaining mixture in the bowl.
You can keep this remaining mixture inside your refrigerator 
(if you want to put outside the refrigerator can too, but it feels good when it is cold)
and you can use it for tomorrow, until it finish..
Save money, save time, very easy!

So that's it
I hope you will enjoy your home skin remedy


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