Sunday, March 31, 2013

Egg White & Honey facial mask

Hi everyone :)
Today i will come out with another post 
it's about home made face mask

We going to have an own made mask of

Before i start with the step by step
let me first state the benefits of these mixture as a face mask

This mask is good for clogged pores, redness, dryness.
Honey and egg make a moisturizing, nourishing and tightening facial mask.

Ok let's get started ^^

Get ready your stuff
if you don't have specific tools as above
you can simply use a bowl from your kitchen
and tea spoon to stir the mixture
or you can just use the brush to stir
but you do need the face mask brush
to make it easier for your to apply the mask onto your face
because this mixture quite sticky

Egg white
Get the egg/eggs and separate the white from yolk
as you can see above 
(i usually put the egg inside refrigerator, so it will be cold)

Pour out some honey
add just a little bit into the egg white
(i usually put the honey inside refrigerator, so it will be cold)

Stir the egg white and honey 
blend it all together until it looks something like this
note that, the colour of the mixture is depends
on how much honey your pour into the egg white
(as i mention above, i let my honey and egg cold, because it feels good to have a cold face mask)

After that, as you already blend the mixture well
you can use your brush and apply it onto your face
Apply your mask as the picture above
apply it all over your face, you can apply it as thick as you wanted
Now wait for 20-25 minutes :)

Once you finish, clean your face with rough face sponge
soak the sponge into warm water and rub your face slowly
we using this type of sponge because, 
the mixture is sticky and it would be easier to remove it with sponge
plus, using sponge to clean your face is more clean and faster
but do make sure your sponge is clean!!! do not use kitchen/car sponge >,<

After removing all the mixture from your face
now wash your face again with clean water
make sure you clean all the mixture's remaining from your face

When done dry your face with clean towel.
You'll feel the fresh upon your face right after that :)
Your face will feel tight and moisture, quick isn't it?
You can try yourself.

This was a very quick skin remedy
It can save budget and feel good at the same time
If you do not have time/money to go to the spa
or too busy to check out into health store to buy facial mask
That's alright this Egg Honey facial mask can help you

When you're doing your mixture, you'll realize that
you will be using all the egg white and honey
once you apply onto your face, doesn't matter how thick
you still have more remaining mixture in the bowl.
You can keep this remaining mixture inside your refrigerator 
(if you want to put outside the refrigerator can too, but it feels good when it is cold)
and you can use it for tomorrow, until it finish..
Save money, save time, very easy!

So that's it
I hope you will enjoy your home skin remedy


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fruits Chocolate :)

Hi as i promise in previous post
i will try to post something different other than 
just talking crap about myself lollololll

So here is it :)
today i'll post about foodss ok? XD
I'm going to show you guys how to make
fruits chocolate, this is my favourite hhehe
but in this post the fruit i will be using is Strawberry (my favourite)
you can use any fruits, depends on you :)

Let's start :)

use any types/brand you like 
cut it into tiny pieces, so that it will easily melt

put the chocolate in a small bowl
and  then put the bowl inside of hot water
it's like you steam the bowl,
this way, the choc will melt due to the hot surrounding
as the picture above ^^^^

Ready melt chocolate
However, if you're lazy to do so
you can simply use this type of chocolate
which we usually put on a bread

As your chocolate already melt
get ready your fruits
wash your fruits with clean water and cut into half
well, it is depend on you whether to cut or let it in its original shape

After that, you can dip you fruits into the melt chocolate
you can dip the whole fruits or just half or whatever, as you like
Here, you can eat your fruits that already dip into the melt chocolate
OR you can freeze it first :)

 These are the result :)
You can decorate it as you want, you can use other fruits too
you can use normal choc, white choc, black choc, etc
other than that, as one the picture above you can add marshmallow too^^
you can sprinkle some choc rice on it or any other foods decorations

That's all for today
hope it help you guys on how to make your own fruits chocolate :)
it's very simple and easy, most importantly it save your money a lots!!!

I  already done this myself and i very much into it :)
glad to have a helping hand from my sis too :p

if there's anything you don't understand
leave your comment in the comment box below
but i hope you can understand :p

enjoy your foods people :)

Old and New :)

Hi everyone :)
As you can see, my blog is completely different now!!
A very drastic change, wasn't it? 

It was waaaaaaay different from before
there's no more link to other people blog,
no more catchy blog, no more floating hearts,
no more cute mouse, no cartoon jumping and dancing
no cupcakes as the background, no more other site
no more these, no more that, what so ever ~

Well, it's hard for me to do this drastic change to this blog
it has been years it was like that, and now no more :/

The reason i did it because, out of the blue
my sidebar shift down :/
to the bottom of my blog, that's very annoying
i tried everything to put it back on the right hand side as usual
but uhmmmm, nothing seems to change
so with lots of thinking (about two days i guess?)
i finally decided to redo everything
deleted all the sidebars, (i really did it o,o)
which is not really my style to have such big change
but what to do?!!

One thing i realized about me, 
i'm no longer the designer :/
i mean, as you can see my blog before this
it was full with these and that, sort of unimportant things
but but but but very beautiful, cute, nice and catchy 
you know, those thing, girly, bling here and there
no more, no more,
it's not that i don't want but i was Lazy :o
i'm too lazy to customize everything :/
so here it is :)
my new blog template/design/ whatever you called it

slightly, an about me, some photo
translater for reader all over the world ( if there is :/ lol )
blog archive and uh follower 
i also put some music player in the bottom
what i like about this player; if you move to next post
the music will stay, it won't start over :) 
so uhmm it won't annoy you, since i just put one post per page
if you still annoy just click pause hahahahhahhhaaaa!!

Plus, this changed had brought back my
'past post' and 'next post' button
oh good!! after so long and some comment/complaint about it
i finally fixed it :) now you can read my past post easily
by simply clicking on the buttton, in the bottom of each post

anyhow, i felt good, yeah good
it feels more simple and light now
with the soft heart pink vintage flower as the background
don't you think???  don't you think???

here are some snap shot~

  my old blog style :) 

my current blog style :)

so mmmmm...
if you have any idea, what else to put on my blog 
you can tell me :)

that's all for now
see you in next coming post :)

i will try to post something about facts or what so ever it is
other than just talking crap, ok?
i will try :)


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Helolololooo :)

Hey all, how are you guys doing? :)
nothing much from me,
it's just that reading people's blog making me feel like 
i shall update mine too XD

recently, i've been updated my blog through my iphone
but one thing i dislike about it was
i can't put the picture in between my post;
all the photo was placed in the of post :/
and i can't have a coloured words
and i have to go to my laptop and adjust everything
like, colour the words, put my words in center
and the only things i dont usually change was the picture 
If you are my loyal reader (lol) !!!
you can actually realized that i always put picture before my words
like above ^^^^^^^^
but if you don't see picture on top but bottom instead
then you know, it was a post from iphone :/

ok now i lost my idea :/
i just leave this for about 4mins to watch youtube
and now i forgot what am i going to write here
i/m having bad memory now 
fuck my life!!
i need to eat more vitamins

*and oh here's the recent me :)

see you guys very very very soon people :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One of the scariest feeling

If you ask to all the people out there,
What is their scariest feeling?
Most has answered ;
The feeling of not being Love.

No Love: what & how was that?
When you feel so alone,
Like there's nothing else left for you,
Nobody see you even if you stand in the center of attention,
You are unwanted,
And if you're gone, nobody will realize.

How pathetic??
We all hate this feeling!!
Especially, when there is actually one person who you thought would make you feel loved.
But sometimes, they just don't.
And it get worst when they, always don't.
How pathetic.

However, be remember people,
When it seems so,
There's actually someone who won't give It's back to you.
God will always Love us :)
His Love are like the universe;

It is big, wide, beautiful and infinity. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Gloom Heart Of Mine

people say woman have a very good instinct
it's hard being one.
sometimes it's a battle of your own self
to believe your instinct or others
when your instinct tell you something is wrong
you convince yourself, it's just your feeling
and nothing is wrong
but at one point of life
your instinct was right
and not believing it, makes you the foolish people
who has been fool, play, laugh, and the most idiot of all

i hate the most when the operator answer my phone
and when i received such excuses
i tired hearing to it, i no longer know
the truth behind those excuses
it's either a fact or fake

i done everything i could
becoming a good partner 
when i was in comfort zone

the nightmare comes again
i don't wish what happened in the past to happen again
i hate it!!

i hate the hurtful past to happen again
the feeling where i have to think whether it's 
still going or is it hanging
if it's moving or is it stays
or nothing really happen?

People say trust is the foundation of relationship
but my questions are
what is trust without loyalty and honesty?
what is relationship if one keep ignoring?

why one will ignore? boredom?
and left the other one hanging with curiosity 
this questions has been in mind a lots
i'm maybe the one with curiosity