Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I watched and read~

Hello another post in this month :)
I guess i'm very free already..
resign was always my best decision^^
and uhm..assignment not yet done lol!!
dateline is coming nearer~~

Rather than keep on talking about my free life
now lets talk about something else~~~

for all of you whom interest to follow/subscribe
more than just in can update with me through
twitter, instagram, pinterest, and here blogger XD
you can find me: rinayoon/rinaayoon
and do not forget to add my online store on facebook: Yoon Yoon
i sell few things like clothes, accesorries, phone casing, dolls
more information you guys can add me up :)
(I have closed my online store. Updated on Nov Eight 2013)

It has been a long time since the Questions Games..
i kind of miss to play this game
for those of you, who have the update to this games
kindly share me some :) hahahhahhahahaa!!!
(and if you don't know what's that, scroll to my last year post and read on Questions Games)

Pretty much, i want to turn my blog into some 
happening blog, you know like those bloggers
but geez..i'm so fucking lazy to update my routine 
like ppl would care..hahahahha
now let's make it just half personal blog
at least that's what i thought

Oh yeah, 
last few days, i've been watching over my super old photos
in the computer and realized how much times had flies
really!! it has been so long...
and i read over my old post in this blog
and i was like..damn!! that's old
from watching myself and reading back this so called diary blog
i realized i was grown up..these few years back..
there's so many things going on
up and down, thick and thin
and i'm Glad to here again to blog another post :)
It has been five years since i have this blog diary~~

see you all next post :) 


Monday, February 18, 2013

True Love of every human.

The real meaning of Loves.
The greatest and the most powerful.
Who have create us. Give us life.
Choosing us to be born.

Wherever, whenever, whatever,
Will always stays with us.
In the good times, the bad times,
Never leave. Helping us without we notice.

When we need company,
When we need loves,
When we need everything,
God give it to us. We never realized.

The one who never forget us.
The one will always by our side.
The one who loves us endlessly.

When everybody left,
When it feels like no love and hope,
Remember that God always loves.

When God grant your wish,
God loves you.
When God grant your wish late,
God wants to test you.
When God doesn't grant your wish,
God has a better plan for you.

Always optimist towards God.
In God willings everything
will always be fine.

And from God we come
That's where we coming back.

Dear My One And Only Greatest Lover,
The One And Only GOD..
I took this opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to live ever since i was born until now. Thank you for loving me and be my greatest lover. I will always remember you and i wish to be a good person. God willings. Amen.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy new year 2013 & Happy Chinese new year!!

Hi people.. Happy New Year 2013!!
ops..already February..
i'm always late though..

I didn't work already.
i feel great! it made my life so free
i'm in love with this life..
ok right,i know previously i was so eager to work
but seriously, i'm tired already..
i need some rest now
before i start working again
i feel great now.. hahaa..