Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Blog Launched Today :)

I just created a new blog today.
In this blog i would do products review, activities or event related post.
Basically, what normal bloggers out there did.
Bringing my blogging skills to the next level. Do support me :) 

This cesslea blog will still open for personal/crap post, lol!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello Octopus!

Hi, it's Octopus month again, October. 
My life, has been very crazy. But i always thankful to God. You know, when you left everything to His will, he surely lead you to something better. 
I was having a very miserable life and i was lost, i have no idea what exactly wrong with me, i did nothing but being patience. Becoming more optimist and live by Faith. 
Faith, it has been my motivation, in everything that i did, all we gotta do are, having Faith. Don't lose and never back down. 

In the time when i felt so down and lost, i found happiness in the most unxpected time. God has his own way of showing His loves towards us. I must admit that i'm happy. Yes, it hurts. It hurts i wanna cry. But i won't, i've promised myself! 
Life goes on! There's nothing to be worry about. 
When one door closes, another opens. Don't look at the closed door anymore, time to move on! 

People will say they love you today and forget it tomorrows. People like this come and go. Never cry for them and don't beg for their love. It's not worth it! All they knew was just saying crap that they don't even understand. Making promises they can't keep. Stop fooling ourselves!

A woman don't need a man who don't need her! And if a man love the woman so much, it won't be easy for him to replace her place. And if its as easy as ABC, clearly the woman wasn't that important since the very beginning. 

And for me, i think . . . 
Some people are like cloud, when they gone, it's a brighter day. 

Happy October :) 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rainbow, i'll wait for you :)

I'm doing good, doing better, i guess.
After awhile, it kinda hurts.
Well, it was my decision from the start, i won't regret it.
I know, maybe now or later, they'll come a point that i will regret this.
But i also have a sense that, one day i'm going to thank myself for making this decision.
After all, i have no idea what the future holds for me.
Quite fascinating, isn't it??

It's like today it seems so right but the next day it all goes wrong
Or the other way around.
Anyway, it's my life, i'm the one who decide of what i'm going to do or not to do
It might sound selfish or wicked or whatever mean thing it is, but that's it!

I won't cry for the same thing twice, ok wrong!
I cried for the same thing twice!
Twice are enough! There won't be the third!
People say, it's alright to cry but don't cry for so long, Do Stop!
So my friend told me that i'm strong, she told me i'm strong for not crying!
I know right. hmm Actually . . . .
 I never know i was so strong until being strong is the only choice i had.
I guess that decision i made was one of it.

Apparently. i'm moving on. I moved on!
It's nothing :)
Yes, of course i'm a little sad. i would be lying if i said i don't.
It's just that i'm so good at hiding it. But it's alright.
I chose this way. I know i will be happy.
It just take a little time, only little. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

That journey I had with you has come to an end.

Before you ask me why i leave, why i given up
First ask yourself why you treat me that way all this time
I know, i know, i know you've tried your best to change yourself for good
but boy, before you tried, i already did
For the past two years, i was so in love with you
i forgot how my life was, what am i.
To me, you've brought me so much happiness, 
despite the mean things you did to me, i was always patient
thinking it's going to be fine, thinking it will be better
Before it was way too late~
 At the same time, you've brought me tears,
from those heartache you gave to the cries i have in my sleep
from the hanging quarrel to the night you ignore me
I was always there, stand right behind you,
to catch you when you fall, to be your company when you in need
to be the shoulder you cried on, to be your wings when you fall
There's time when you gave up, i was always there to remind you
that life was full of challenge, that life was made of obstacles
I always tell you that; "Tomorrow is a new day!
Whatever happen now, today, will past as tomorrow appears"
I have no idea if you actually get or listen to me
All i know, this simple word brings lots meaning to myself
i'm telling it to you with hope you'll get the meaning as well.

You told me that, i've changed you. The way you look at life
That i changed you to be more mature, to be better in life.
Well, i'm happy to hear that. 
However, why why why you still treat me in way that made me curious
curious about us, made me full of anxiety
And if you're mature enough as you said why do you act like a child
Boy, your mature image doesn't define your mature character
I don't need you to change yourself for me, cause the relationship itself will change you.
Why? cause when you change for me, there'll come a time when
you are tired of becoming something not you and that's when you get bored
Still, I'm glad to know that i bring changes in your life,
making you mature than before (as you said), to be the bright side of your life,
to be the girl that always standing behind your success, 
I'm happy to be a part of it.

These two years, i've cried and laughed a lot with you.
You're once just a stranger, came to my life, be a part of it.
Was once my other half, was once the one that i love so much
That i will give up anything just to be with you.
Was once the reason to my tears and smiles.
The one i share my dreams with, the one i will run to when there's anything.
Now it changed. Everything changed.
I know, this person who always give you her support was finally moving on.
I given up cause i found out, there's no more i can hold.
As water flows, as wind blows, as time passes
Our relationship going downhill, 
I've tried and tried and doing my best to keep it strong
But all i can see, me alone, trying to save it
i don't see you doing the same, we were totally apart
I finally realized, that things wasn't the same any more
There was a gap between you and me
no matter how hard we try to fix it, it was already way too far
Therefore, i chose to give it up.
To let go all the dreams, promises, feelings, hopes, wishes i have with you
And you only realized about the gap way too late,
You said you've tried your best, but the thing is you tried when i already given up
It was way too late to realize.

I'm sorry this relationship going nowhere
and if you want to keep in mind that i'm the badass and bitch
Go on. There's nothing i can do to stop you from going around telling others.
You already fuss around about me leaving you, hurting you, to all the people
making me the mean one, the evil one, the one without heart, the one that wicked.
But before that, don't forget to tell them, what you've done to me as well.
Yes i hurt you. Yes i'm leaving you. 
That was because we just can't work it out any more. 
I can't stand watching myself hurting, in pain, all because of these.
I'm worth it. I do have dignity. I want to be happy too.
How do we continue this relationship if we don't have happiness anymore?
If we don't communicate enough? If we don't solve problems?
If we pretending to be in perfect relationship but the fact we are not?

So here it is. It ends. 
That journeys we walked together have end.
It already ends long ago.

Good Bye to you, the one who once hold the key to my heart.
Good Bye ~

"If I'm happy before i meet you, i know that i will still be happy after you're gone"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

How it goes in august

Hi everyone :)

Nothing much from me, started to get bored with my life here, lol!

Still have no idea what's going on in my life
Was counting days over something, feeling a little sad and lost abt it
But this is life~ It goes on :/

And yeah i still miss home
and what i mean by home is actually my home, my house, my room 
not anyone not anybody just my home k ! 

just wanted to share about something,
nothing important it's just that, i really need to share it out
cause the feeling really eat me inside out :/
There's some ppl whom really like to take our jokes seriously
they were so emotional and clingy to it
i was so pissed off with this type of ppl
it makes me thinking that ''can we dont talk anymore?''
the moment i was just kidding abt things and they goes
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
i'm like ''the heck man? i was just playing''
Come on! i can't live my life way too serious
Yes! i'm a serious motherfucker but but but i still
 need jokes and some playful time once in a while
right?? i still deserve it! give me a break la 
i was stress enough with uni things and
some shits that's going on so don't add more 

I learnt that there's nothing wrong being alone
I'm happier like this :) and it seems i used to it.

and and and oh, i almost forgot..
Selamat Hari Raya to all :)
and have great time, though holiday ends now
we all still have a month to celebrate it, lol!

so long my readers, hugs*

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Each person has their own past stories.
Memories, it taught us a lot. It made us what we are today. It change people. 
Good or bad, the past totally affect us. 
Pain gone, scars remain. Making us more alert towards the future. Becoming strong and brighter than how we used to be. Whatever it is, Life goes on! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July here we go!!!!

Hello everyone!

I'm back in July~
Living away from home, away from what i used to live and away from all the comfort zone i used to have. 
It has opened my eyes, my mind, my attention in life.
It made me realized that i have so much more to do, much more to gain and i'm not even half way to get there now. 
Process of adapting myself in here taken quite shorter than i thought it was. I can actually live alone, and i guess for now being alone is the best. Having to take care of everything on my own, deciding on my own and if i ever feel down, i must cheer myself. Nobody going to cheer and actually care how i feel. I realized that my independent life has brought me so much hope and dream for me to live. Although i was really tired most of the time but i knew this was just a beginning to a better life. Therefore, i'll be more energetic and look forward for the best. It doesn't matter if i don't have anyone by myself to love me, to care of me, I can take care of myself and love myself. I learnt that, sometimes it's just not worth it. When you love someone so much and you actually take good care of them. They took your love and care for granted. It made me weak and feeling so poor. Now i decided, i won't let those feelings conquer my life anymore. I will be good! Even if i'm alone, i'm stronger and better than i was before. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Days I'm away from home :/

Hello everyone~
I've moved!!! Yeah to the big city
i know home not a big city but i love it more than here
i know right, it can be said it's way more good in here
but damn! home are way better, like seriously :/

Move to a 12 floor apartment, and i was on the 12th floor
it's quite good to be in the 12th floor, cause i don't need to worry people seeing me through my window
i can see the nice night view, as you can see above ^^^^
well, maybe not that nice, but it still can make me calm every night i look out the window
it makes me thinking quite a lot 

Too many of walking and buses and monorail and whatever shits it is :'(
Not to forget the super hot whether..gosh!!!
Alright need to sleep by now, need to wake early by tomorrow

** actually I'm not feeling really good, might have been caught sick because of home sick**

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What is the speed of your money? (o.O)

Well actually i'm not going to teach some physics things,
like for example counting the speed, accelerations, etc
What i meant by "what is the speed of your money? " is . . . .
Nowadays, it is so freaking easy to lost your money in just few second :/
AND by 'lost' i mean, using it to buy foods and whatever.

Situation: 60.70$ for a day~
1. Buying two hairspray for personal use: 14.90$ x 2 = 29.80$
2. Cream case for medicine use: 3.90$
3. Starbucks's chocolate roll: 4.05$
4. Two Egg Dotts's egg tart: 1.30$ x 2 =2.60$ 
5. Coffee Bean's iced vanilla latte, regular size: 13.80$
6. Paying car parking ticket: 2.50$
Total = 56.65$ 
Balance: 4.05

That was just an example that i use from somewhere! 
Now think again, how fast your money fly?

Let's calculate our everyday money use and save more!
We often put less attention on our expenses and just worrying later on.
That was a very very very bad habit that we all did, me too :/

It's never too late to change and start to care on our expenses
Therefore, we can reduce the amount of money we use on unnecessary things.
We can start by using Everyday Expense Book
We can buy this book that specialize for us to record our expenses.
However, i believe not many people are interested with this any more
Because in this new generation of smart phone, 
We can download the Daily Expense Manager
from iTunes for Apple user and Google Play for Android user for FREE!
Yes!! for free!!! So what are you waiting for?
Start saving your money and reduce your expenses :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rushing June

The sixth month of the year, hey JUNE !!!

Was so damn busy right now!

I hate the fact that I'm leaving less than a week and I was still busy with exam and thesis and whatever :(

So uhm yeahh..

See you next post ~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My month!

Hi bloggers!
Weehuu it's May now.. 
My favourite month of the year.
Why? Cause it's the month that i was born, although every year i will grow older on this month hahaha..
I felt so happy, my birthday almost arrived, less than one week until 23rd :)

Talking about birthday..
I knew some people not quite like to celebrate it as if it reminds them that they have grew older and that was not good. I know, all of us scared of getting old and old, me too! But what can we do that's just life. So while we can, let's celebrate birthday! It doesn't matter how old we are getting to, as long as we alive, we are still young. 

Life was too short. 
Let me take an example. 
If one reach the age of 40; When you still alive and still have the chance to celebrate your 40th birthday, you'll go on saying "oh please i'm too old for birthday celebration". 
However for some unfortunate people, they don't even have the chance to reach 41 years old. They die at 40, and you'll say " he/she was just 40 years old, still too young to die". 
Did you see the different it makes?
So people don't bother how old are you, life was precious. Enjoy it with the people around you. Appreciates each other, spend the good life and make sweet memories together while the chances are still here. 

I hope all of you people out there are happy and blessed in every way God had gave. 

See you in next post :')

Monday, April 1, 2013

My heart speak.

In a relationship that has been for one year and more, there's no such thing as 'first time'. In those time we together, in that one year and more, we have going through a lots of thing. We laugh, we cry, we have fun, we have problem, we do silly things together, we go here and there, and without we even realized, we done so many things together. Watching and hearing the same jokes all the time and yet we still laugh about and soon we don't cause we know it is lame.
But why do fighting over the same thing is a big deal? Why do we ask and tell each other, " This isn't the first time, we fought about this so many times" . If we know that we dealing over the same thing all over again, we surely know how to solve it. Things won't go away just like that. In a relationship there's so many challenges and obstacle. Problems will come, whether new problem or old problem, it will always approach the relationship.
Relationship needed lots and lots of forgiveness. There's no such things as 'bored of forgiving' . Cause if there is, no marriage will last like grandpa and grandma.
Relationship is accepting, and accepting involve forgiving.
There's a rule is relationship. We always hear about trust as the foundation of relationship, followed by loyalty, honesty, respect and love.
However, we often forgot one thing,
Words. Words is sharp, it can be hurt, one little simple word can break a heart. Words, it's very dangerous. Once it's said it can never be taken back. We might forget but the people who received won't forget it. Like trust, Once they lie, no action can ever be true.
Trust, It's like paper, once it crumble, it can never be the same as the first any more.
Words, It's like glass, once you broke it, there's nothing you can do, you can throw it away, but the broken glass can never be paste again.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Egg White & Honey facial mask

Hi everyone :)
Today i will come out with another post 
it's about home made face mask

We going to have an own made mask of

Before i start with the step by step
let me first state the benefits of these mixture as a face mask

This mask is good for clogged pores, redness, dryness.
Honey and egg make a moisturizing, nourishing and tightening facial mask.

Ok let's get started ^^

Get ready your stuff
if you don't have specific tools as above
you can simply use a bowl from your kitchen
and tea spoon to stir the mixture
or you can just use the brush to stir
but you do need the face mask brush
to make it easier for your to apply the mask onto your face
because this mixture quite sticky

Egg white
Get the egg/eggs and separate the white from yolk
as you can see above 
(i usually put the egg inside refrigerator, so it will be cold)

Pour out some honey
add just a little bit into the egg white
(i usually put the honey inside refrigerator, so it will be cold)

Stir the egg white and honey 
blend it all together until it looks something like this
note that, the colour of the mixture is depends
on how much honey your pour into the egg white
(as i mention above, i let my honey and egg cold, because it feels good to have a cold face mask)

After that, as you already blend the mixture well
you can use your brush and apply it onto your face
Apply your mask as the picture above
apply it all over your face, you can apply it as thick as you wanted
Now wait for 20-25 minutes :)

Once you finish, clean your face with rough face sponge
soak the sponge into warm water and rub your face slowly
we using this type of sponge because, 
the mixture is sticky and it would be easier to remove it with sponge
plus, using sponge to clean your face is more clean and faster
but do make sure your sponge is clean!!! do not use kitchen/car sponge >,<

After removing all the mixture from your face
now wash your face again with clean water
make sure you clean all the mixture's remaining from your face

When done dry your face with clean towel.
You'll feel the fresh upon your face right after that :)
Your face will feel tight and moisture, quick isn't it?
You can try yourself.

This was a very quick skin remedy
It can save budget and feel good at the same time
If you do not have time/money to go to the spa
or too busy to check out into health store to buy facial mask
That's alright this Egg Honey facial mask can help you

When you're doing your mixture, you'll realize that
you will be using all the egg white and honey
once you apply onto your face, doesn't matter how thick
you still have more remaining mixture in the bowl.
You can keep this remaining mixture inside your refrigerator 
(if you want to put outside the refrigerator can too, but it feels good when it is cold)
and you can use it for tomorrow, until it finish..
Save money, save time, very easy!

So that's it
I hope you will enjoy your home skin remedy


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fruits Chocolate :)

Hi as i promise in previous post
i will try to post something different other than 
just talking crap about myself lollololll

So here is it :)
today i'll post about foodss ok? XD
I'm going to show you guys how to make
fruits chocolate, this is my favourite hhehe
but in this post the fruit i will be using is Strawberry (my favourite)
you can use any fruits, depends on you :)

Let's start :)

use any types/brand you like 
cut it into tiny pieces, so that it will easily melt

put the chocolate in a small bowl
and  then put the bowl inside of hot water
it's like you steam the bowl,
this way, the choc will melt due to the hot surrounding
as the picture above ^^^^

Ready melt chocolate
However, if you're lazy to do so
you can simply use this type of chocolate
which we usually put on a bread

As your chocolate already melt
get ready your fruits
wash your fruits with clean water and cut into half
well, it is depend on you whether to cut or let it in its original shape

After that, you can dip you fruits into the melt chocolate
you can dip the whole fruits or just half or whatever, as you like
Here, you can eat your fruits that already dip into the melt chocolate
OR you can freeze it first :)

 These are the result :)
You can decorate it as you want, you can use other fruits too
you can use normal choc, white choc, black choc, etc
other than that, as one the picture above you can add marshmallow too^^
you can sprinkle some choc rice on it or any other foods decorations

That's all for today
hope it help you guys on how to make your own fruits chocolate :)
it's very simple and easy, most importantly it save your money a lots!!!

I  already done this myself and i very much into it :)
glad to have a helping hand from my sis too :p

if there's anything you don't understand
leave your comment in the comment box below
but i hope you can understand :p

enjoy your foods people :)