Monday, December 24, 2012

December Hello ~

Hello December~
It's december 24 2012, you know what right?
Christmas eve!! yay :)

Has been a long time since my previous post?
(been saying this in every post,LOL)

so before we talk about more christmas thing
let's us first talk about the HOT date in this year december
forgot? okay..
12.12.12 AND AND AND AND 21.12.12

so what's with these date? what's so special?
well, for you people out there, it could be your birthday,
your mom dad sister brother daughter son grandma grandpa birthday,
could be the anniversarry, or what so ever it it..
we fuss loads about these date right..
so what actually? 

it was said to be the last repetitive day we'll see 
unless we live until 2101. Don't believe it?
well well well you're free to count on the date :)
To make it a story, on that very date, i got a surprised :)
weeeeheeeee (damn super wide smile) ^____________^
this guy came to my work place with
a bouquet of flower, which also include 12 red pinkish roses
 and a box of my super favourite chocolate..
aww what a surprised..i'm so happy..
and later that night this guy and me went to dinner 
hehe, thanks for the surprised baby, i love you so much <3 p="p">

scary???? damn!
ok so nothing happened on this date
we are all safe and sound
and i still can sit on the chair, updating my blog
and expecting to celebrate the Christmas..yeay!!
so before anything, let's praise the God 
for still giving us chance to live more
Alright, here's the big matter,
so based on the mayan, nostradamus, who ever else
(i actually quite unaware whose who, i'm sorry if there's wrong)
they said that the world would end on 21.12.12
and leave every one who's alive on this date breathless lol
but seriously, we never knew what God has ready for us
but if we are back to our religion, there's always a sign to doomsday
so let's just stick with this. understand what i meant?
and more thing, this kind of ridicoulus actually.. why?
because, people a busy looking for
the safe place to hide during the end of the world
like seriously????????????
what are they thinking of????
it's the end of the world. the doomsday.
no place is safe!!! nobody alive!!
we are all dead! fucking dead!!!! the world is fucking 
broken wreck disintegrate collapse crumble crash shatter perish
what ever it is, you name it..phew :/
that is doomsday! where ever you are, you will fucking die!!!

Right, enough with that and let's get back
with our joy feeling for christmas
so ummm...
i wanted to wish everyone


may everybody is happy and enjoying  the celebrations
may God always be with us and bless us

and may my money will add more
yeah, you know? More!!!!
cause right now, my bank account feels like an onion
hahahahaaaaaaaaa XD

That's all from me right now :)

See you next year people :)


                                                            I'm a super duper cute unicorn~

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