Sunday, August 26, 2012

miss yoon in august

Hey August :)
It's middle of august and it's actually almost comes to an end fast time flies..can you actually believe this? :/
throughout the days, so many things had happened..

okay so what's happening in my august?
hmm..let me remind myself about it 

umm..i just remember that i spent money lots on foods :/ lol!
and now i can feel that my shorts was seems more tight on me..nooo!!
although i'm super skinny and people were actually happy when i'm gaining weight
but i'm still going to control my eating problem though haha
cause babe, i'm actually foods freak! i eat whatever XD for better or worse,i still need to watch out with my weight :(
 let me show you the foooods babe! not all but a little bit of it,aye? :)

what say you? 
this was toooo little to compare to what i've actually have eaten
LOL to the max XD

i believe you, yes you! who read this..
you actually eat much too!!!!!
who ever you are~ hahahhahahhaaa....

and early august i went for a photo shoot again
weee :)
this time for the brand pentax..
and guess what? first time,for the first time!
there's actually male model haha
i never did a photo shoot with other people
what i mean is, i usually alone during a photo shoot
so umm yeah new thing, new experience
and it's actually fun though :)

here's a sneak peak for the shoot, one photo ok? :)
i actually haven't get the full of the photos
cause it was still in progress

something came up and i have to go now
some people just loves to disturb my awesome blogging time..
got to go~

see you lovely and wonderful people in next post
xoxoxx!! loves~

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