Monday, July 23, 2012

The story unfold ~

hey all..what's up? been a very loooooooooooooooooong time right?
uhm..two months no post..May and June..oh God~ i'm terribly bad!!
very busy with works and study~ makes me lazy..
well, i only post thru my laptop and i've been really lazy to turn on my laptop recently
will post more often after this..finger cross!!
i've download the blogger apps on my iphone but never try it
hopefully it's easy though.. but i really like posting thru laptop..much easier!!
however, this new whole thing, that link with google really pissed me off =,="
i love the old layout of blogger better :(
anyway, will get used to it..aye!

so,what's up bloggers? i've realized that all the blogger was slow turtle~
i mean, everyone was no longer posting as much as before :/
maybe the existance of too many apps right?
we're too busy with our smart phone apps~  >.<
i love blogger somehow~, will try to recall the activities on past months and this month

was our birthday month!!!!

his birthday on the first week of May and two weeks later was mine,lol!!
surprised birthday for both of us :)

my babe! my moment capturer~ 
i always in love with this instant cam babe~


nothing much on june i think..this month fly so fast
i couldn't believe it ends..
anyhow, i bought new sister for my 9months old ipad2 :)
an iphone 4s ~ 

--> early July..

went well i guess doing some other part time
and photo shooting..
lol after two years didn't shoot here's the outcome ~

and also the birthday of my little brother

young boy growing up ~

must be a good man!!


crap until here, i need to sleep by now :)
Goooood Night sweethearts ~

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