Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sushi nom nom ~

Hi..It's end of July~
i'm sick lately..i'm always sick..
and right now, i'm having headache since morning till now
and i'm super hungry!!!

right now i wanted to update a bit about me!
monday is a money fly day for me, lol!!
last week spent on Holika Holika products
and became member..got free umbrella, haha!!
and today spent on make up box, smooth pink
and some make up stuff too, aww omg!

i've been craving for SUSHI!!!
i wanna eat sushi so badly :'(
sushi tei or sushi king~
oh please anyone, please bring me eat T___T
i want!!!

these seven months of 2012 has been quite a lots of things going on
new and normal things..
August coming and i hope for good life ahead :)
and i heard Korea awaits me, aww~
i'm coming back to my hometown pretty soon, pretty soon yea, haha!!
can anyone smell the kimchi and bulgogi?? gosh!! XD

getting late now
going to sleep
i hope to see you on the next coming post..
until then, i love you~ :p

nahh...just simply saying..
no one going to read this though
but anyone if you did read, thank you very much!

Sweet Strawberry going to dream land now :)
Blueberry Pie and Cheese Cake ~

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