Monday, July 23, 2012

Of all these things i have, i have it because of you.

When nothing seems to be good, these little things always by my side..


My little gadgets and that quotes, to be exact my rooms~

Foods and a peaceful place to hang ~


Things not going very well for me these few days..
 There's always something bothering..
 I hope I wish I pray to God
that all of this worry and sadness in my heart to be gone
let everything goes smoothly and fine
don't let me fall in the hole of frustation, 
make me a stronger person each day,
let me always think of you and let me always pray to you
let me always be with you and love you.

Dear God, 
i'm always thankful for all the joy you had given to me
for letting me sleep every night, for waking me up every morning
for the lives that you given me for all these years
for the sickness that you healed, for the danger that you saved
for always being my side in the good and bad time
 most of all for giving me the best mother, father and younger sister.

I've come from you and to you i will come back.


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