Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time for some ice cream~

Hi ^o^

simply updating here~~

just few days ago [days and date not specified] :p
went out for a date! XD
we so seldom strolling together..
so, on his "rare off day"
we went out and having some relaxing days~~
first aim, movie! yup, he knows that i want to watch mirror mirror so badly
therefore, he decided to bring me and watch it :D
we bought the ticket and while waiting, we are having our brunch..
and looking for his working bag..too bad we didn't found it ;/
i just bought some small stuffs and he bought another things
which obviously not what he looking for earlier..hhahahaha...
took some photo that day..i thought we had took a lot
but i'm's just toooo few for me :O

movie tickets & Full House receipt XD

Foods of the days~~

and's plan..
want go make my hair~~ perm-ing time!!
Ah by has gone with another style, now time for me go with different style
but i'm still waiting for him...hmm...
no idea at all, what time he'll be done and fetch me up to saloon ;/

oh...feels so long~~~~~ >,<"

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