Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello April~

Hi everyone!!!! We meet again here in my blog~
It has been a very very very long time..
I'm terribly sorry. The laziness has become the king.
My focus on my life story that need to be written here,was nowhere to be found, lol!
Anywhere, i am here now XD anyone miss my post??

Happy 1st of April everyone :)
Happy Play Day..i mean, april fool though..
whatever it is :/

It's good to be back here.
Oh how i miss blogging~~
talking of some random shit about myself..
like there's actually people care..
saying sorry for not posting like people care? LOL..

Anyway, as usual ok..busy-ing with works and study
plus some lazy bum bum..hahaa..

As i told in previous post, that i'm going over KL
for some vacation and wedding with friends, right?
Well..i'm back the March 12...hehe
a month past since that :p i'm just too late to blog haha..

Here's some photo, not much..cause the others was in the camera
and it wasn't mine. So i'll just wait until the post the photos. >,<"

I have a great time there, shopping for the whole week, no school, no work.
Just joy and fun.
Hanging out with friends day and night without worrying coming home late.
What a free life. I want this kind of life to stay.
oh well~~

That's all i can share~ hee.. bye! :)

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