Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leaving the year with pocketful of sunshine in my heart..

Hello..we meet again..
I've been really busy these few days..sorry for the lack of update..
I started working by middle november,work related with camera
Gosh it's damn difficult compare to laptop..
Seriously,i miss working with laptop T_T

Anyway..i'm walking on, can be say a kind of pretty good life now..
I enjoyed this way of life...
Somehow, quite pressure with fam matters..hmm..Forget it!
Not going going to talk about the bad things though..

Belated..MERRY CHRISTMAS people..
I wasn't around during the christmas..
Celebrating with the mother family..
This year's far was the best christmas i've got..
It feels so delightful and fun.. Hopefully next year would be better..


Happy New Year 2012
Oh...time flies so fast..i can barely realized it's the end of the year 2011
A year feels with lots lots of was good and bad
Learnt so much and experienced so many things..
I've been through lot, each year leaving me so much memories
So much moments..

Somehow i hope 2012..
Going to be a more bless and happy year..
I wish by turning 20 on this year i could get my freedom!
Hope everything goes well and eveything gets better..
God Bless..Amen.

This year new year's eve going to be so different for me..
Unlike the previous year..
this year i'm going to celebrate with my friends not my family..
Anyhow,my heart will always with my family..i wish the best for them.

This probably my last post for the year 2011...
I'm going to miss the year..everything that happened and those memories
That left in 2011..whether good or bad,i appreciate it..

To all of you,people out there,my dearest readers,sweethearts...
Lets wish and hope for a better and greater life ahead..
May God always be with us and may us get His Bless..Amen.

Till then i'll see you guys again in the next post in 2012 ^^
Annyong! Bye!

With Love, Rina~

The year 2011..

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