Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's about him

I Love it when . .

He looks at me and smile widely.
He holds my hand and kiss it.
He asks me to look away and when i look back,he gives me a kiss.
He hug me to sleep.
He awake me from sleep.
He play with my hair.
He kiss me when i'm half sleep.
He imitates the cartoons sound.
He just look at me and suddenly kiss.
He text me in the morning and night.
He calls me.
He said i miss you.
He said i love you.
He plan something for us.


I love everything he does, every little things that he did. He might not recognize what was it, but every moment, i just fell in love with him, each and every second. I love him just the way he is. I love him for who he is.

He probably small gas sometimes, but that was his style. He easily got mad, but that was him. He easily got hurt, but that was him. He easily got stress, but that was him. I accept whatever it is because this is how he was. I don't care cause i'm going to be with him. I just love him.

I'm going to be by his side in any situations. Whenever he needs someone by his side, i'll be there for him. I going to hold on and fight for us. He cares me and loves me, and i'm going to do the same thing.

By, i love you much much and i miss you everyday ~

Okay, still remember this By??? hee..
That's on our first date XD

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