Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leaving the year with pocketful of sunshine in my heart..

Hello..we meet again..
I've been really busy these few days..sorry for the lack of update..
I started working by middle november,work related with camera
Gosh it's damn difficult compare to laptop..
Seriously,i miss working with laptop T_T

Anyway..i'm walking on, can be say a kind of pretty good life now..
I enjoyed this way of life...
Somehow, quite pressure with fam matters..hmm..Forget it!
Not going going to talk about the bad things though..

Belated..MERRY CHRISTMAS people..
I wasn't around during the christmas..
Celebrating with the mother family..
This year's far was the best christmas i've got..
It feels so delightful and fun.. Hopefully next year would be better..


Happy New Year 2012
Oh...time flies so fast..i can barely realized it's the end of the year 2011
A year feels with lots lots of was good and bad
Learnt so much and experienced so many things..
I've been through lot, each year leaving me so much memories
So much moments..

Somehow i hope 2012..
Going to be a more bless and happy year..
I wish by turning 20 on this year i could get my freedom!
Hope everything goes well and eveything gets better..
God Bless..Amen.

This year new year's eve going to be so different for me..
Unlike the previous year..
this year i'm going to celebrate with my friends not my family..
Anyhow,my heart will always with my family..i wish the best for them.

This probably my last post for the year 2011...
I'm going to miss the year..everything that happened and those memories
That left in 2011..whether good or bad,i appreciate it..

To all of you,people out there,my dearest readers,sweethearts...
Lets wish and hope for a better and greater life ahead..
May God always be with us and may us get His Bless..Amen.

Till then i'll see you guys again in the next post in 2012 ^^
Annyong! Bye!

With Love, Rina~

The year 2011..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's about him

I Love it when . .

He looks at me and smile widely.
He holds my hand and kiss it.
He asks me to look away and when i look back,he gives me a kiss.
He hug me to sleep.
He awake me from sleep.
He play with my hair.
He kiss me when i'm half sleep.
He imitates the cartoons sound.
He just look at me and suddenly kiss.
He text me in the morning and night.
He calls me.
He said i miss you.
He said i love you.
He plan something for us.


I love everything he does, every little things that he did. He might not recognize what was it, but every moment, i just fell in love with him, each and every second. I love him just the way he is. I love him for who he is.

He probably small gas sometimes, but that was his style. He easily got mad, but that was him. He easily got hurt, but that was him. He easily got stress, but that was him. I accept whatever it is because this is how he was. I don't care cause i'm going to be with him. I just love him.

I'm going to be by his side in any situations. Whenever he needs someone by his side, i'll be there for him. I going to hold on and fight for us. He cares me and loves me, and i'm going to do the same thing.

By, i love you much much and i miss you everyday ~

Okay, still remember this By??? hee..
That's on our first date XD

Saturday, December 10, 2011

He stay with me no matter how hard it is to be with me.

The stories continue . . . .

And then there was a man who appears in sudden, but stay on purposes.
He came at the time when i was in a lost. He puts back all the shattered heart bit by bit. He heals them with his loves and sacrifices. He steals his time just to be with me. He went against the rule to make me happy. He took the courage to face the unwanted. There was one time, when he given up. But loves are stronger, it made us got together again. By, thanks and i love you for stay with me no matter how hard it is to be with me. If we ever lost in our past, it doesn't matter anymore. What's matter, we going to work out our relationship now. We'll fight for it and hold onto it. We'll face the challenges of life and this relationship together. Don't ever give up for a mistakes, cause it was there to test, how strong our loves are. Let's face everything together and be strong. :).

The bird came and sang a love song.

Woots woots..
These photos was our outing to the beach! my favourite place to find snacks :)

We ate fruits pickles. We bought guava, mango, papaya, potato snacks,
margerine corns, sugarcane drinks, and keropok lekor!!! hahaaha!!! XD

We sat perfectly in front of the sunset view. How sweet ^_^


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