Saturday, November 5, 2011

November please be good~

Halo halo ^__^
November is here..
Happy November to all ya~~

Dear November, please be good to me
please be a wonderful month..amen..

Sorry for extremely less post haha!!!
Oh..ok no one is actually waiting for my post is it? haha..

middle of october till now..
i've been really busy with many things..
life and etc :p

so yeah, hurm..
i forgot something :/
Happy BELATED Halloween!!!!!!!!! :D
this year halloween, was another wasted..
whom should i blame? Shiuan??? haha no!
was just busy with roadshow during the halloween :3
tiring and busy-ing on Oct 28-30
need to go back and forth from hometown to roadshow place
hectic week haha!!! but then i was happy ^_^
so my tiring days felt worth it~~

and early Nov is just so so~~
nothing special happened
can feel my life had changed bit by bit
and yeah, i like it this way..
i'm going on 20 soon,lol i mean next year..
happy? :p

now i was thinking of studying and working
seriously need own pocket money =...="
need to buy many many thingsss
and own a car :/ and and for my vacation next year!
see...i need money man! give me some money
how i wish it was like raining :(
oh well...

so for this week,anyone please bring me and watch In Time. Y__Y
shiuan, frankie and fish had watched without me
cath, eva and atine was busy-ing with exams
manda and yann was in kl..crystal was always M.I.A
zzzzzzzz...anyone else? please count me in!

so soon i wanna watch Happy Feet 2, Puss in boots and
The adventures of Tintin: Secret of the unicorn
hahaa....all cartoonsss :p
so lovely lovely darling please bring me go ya ^__^
can't wait~~~~

this week and next week is really hectic week hor..
hope can spend some time bha :(

ok ler..give u all piccos and end my craps here..
also, can check out new photos on my facebook and twitpic ya~
update often with me thru twitter :)


Happy Halloween!!
this is our halloween photo :)

baby and me :)

alright..only two piccos..
i'm too lazy to choose haha..


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