Monday, November 7, 2011

It's all about time

Serious talk today ok?
I have loads of crap inside of my head..
i don't know to whom should i tell..
i don't have anyone, who will understand completely how i felt..

The story of that man, of a year ago.
It has been a very good day for me since i started to forget this man, who had left me for another woman. ok, that was a year ago.. i know i was wishing him to come back that time but now no, not anymore.. we broke up on august 2010.. those months was felt empty without you, i admit.. but i know i couldn't live it that way, and yet i know i never touch your heart. I was a fool back then. While we are in relationship, you told me you in love with her, but i choose to stay and not to let you go and hurt myself. Now that i'm no longer blinded by your love, i realized how idiot am i that time.
NOW, after a year and few months, after i found someone to love.. You came back and said you finally realize, that you've lost a girl who once love and care you so much and able to give up everything only to be with you. Yeah true, i was loving you and everything was just about you. HOWEVER, that was when i'm in love you. Now, i've chose to give up my love on you. I realized that, during that time.. You couldn't accept me at my worst, so i thought you shouldn't get me at my best too. You can't accept and cherish the love i gave, so i think it's time to stop wasting the feeling and keep it for someone whom worth loving. I'm sorry, but i guess the story had end for me. Second chance? If you come before i choose to forget you, perhaps there's a second chance.
Too late.

The story of this man, that caught my heart.
You came in sudden. We met and my heart skip a beat. If you did love me, love me dearly. If you don't, tell me and we know what's next. Don't cheat. It's enough how i blinded by love with that man in the past. I couldn't bear living like that anymore. If you really did love me, cherish the love i gave, don't cheat be loyal. Let's fill the heart with loads of love and happiness. Make me happy and care my heart. I will do the same. I may hurt and pain in the past. Still, i felt and think that loves hurt. So when i scold and small gas, persuade me and tell me, you love me. When i anxious, hug me and kiss me. Let me sleep in your arms let me cry in your shoulder. Hear what i want to say, bear with my nagging. I maybe not a good partner, cause i easily mad, i asked a lots, i nag a lots, when i'm on my pms i will angry and scolded with no reason. I'm just me. I 've done my best to be a good partner. No one perfect though. To me, to be in a good relationship is to accept each other at their worst and best and still together. Being together during the good and bad time. Fight over the relationship and holding on each other. Have Faith, being Loyal, being Honest, Tolerate, Understanding, Respect and Loves.

Dear everyone, i'm just ordinary person with extraordinary dreams. I know everyone said the same thing. I own a life. I'm not born to please each and everyone. If you couldn't accept me the way i am, just leave. I don't even care and do not bother. If you want to hate, go on. If you want to like, go on. I'm tired to care and please others, when actually nobody care how i felt. I'm stress and always tired. I want to feel the real happiness and enjoy my life the way i want it to be.
God Bless Me.

Cherish me while i'm here, don't beg when i'm gone.
Don't sigh when karma fuck you.

Cause when i love you, i love you that it consumes me.


Talking to the moon~
let the moon hear my hearts..

Jars of heart~
simple yet meaningful song..

Someone like you~
Sometimes it lasts in love,sometimes it hurts instead..

My destiny is with God.

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