Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh My Smurf !!

Hello everyone ;)
We back in September now..time flies!!

August went well i think..

September One was awesome!
Have great time today ;D

Went out with family this morning..
Spent time together and eat eat ^^

After that go meet Smurf ^_^
had a great time ,walk around till feet ache
go watch movie, The Smurfs. heee..
this movie very nice,thanks to Smurf for acc me watching this...
hee..rate is 10/10 for The Smurfs ^o^
btw, i had stomach ache just now
and now feet ache, LOL!!
However, still worth..i'm very happy!!

I smurf you ^__^

Do you like the 'annoying' song??

Btw, i like this song.
Going to sing it whenever i'm doing works..

The Smurfs Quotes

and guess what????
i did search on the Blue Moon...
i never knew about it,if it's not of this movie
clumsy me!!!!
But too bad 2011 dont have the blue moon..

Okay,i think that's all..
* i go with blue colour for this post cause of the Smurf*

I got the Smurf madness!! @___@


mina said...

such a cute blog :)


Rina said...

oh thanks mina ^_^
yours are awesome~