Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heart talks

I have loads in mind right now. Filled with worries. I don't know to whom should i tell, to whom should i share. I have lost my confident. To whom it may concern, i was really regret to studying at my current university. It was not suitable to be called university though. It was so lame, well they did have nice lecturers. However, there was problem here and there i can't no longer stand to it. If they can't fix problems of five or four years ago, what will happen to us soon? They can say that they can fix it soon, but hey it has been five/four years, yet there's no much different. Do you expect me to say good things?? NO! Frankly speaking, choosing to enter this uni was my biggest regret ever! Seriously. I always find way to get my ass out of here. I'm not sure what is the actual problem, but i know it was huge. Losing your students result and asking them to retake??? Good gracious!! and few other problems. I was confused. I really need to get out of here. Plus, my interest have changed. I knew this uni wasn't my first choice though! My patience has come to an end. Please God save me from here. I don't see any reason why i should be here anymore. I'm tired of all these stupid problem happened again and again. God show me the right pathway. I don't want to regret again. It's so painful. :(

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