Monday, August 1, 2011

makes me crazy

It's AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how's life treating you so far??

i was busy with my ent aud for three months now =,=
still, there's not much improvement from me ;(
and i haven't encounter any proper respond yet >.<


there's so many things i want to say..
many things happened recently that made me feel Crazy!
but not everything are meant to be shared,right?
well,if you still curious and dying to know more about my boring life
just follow me on twitter; rinaayoon
why twitter? why twitter?
because it's 24hours update and there's no secret alive
you know what that's mean right? ;)
if you has no twitter, go and create one now..

I'm have unstable mood now
I dont know what happened? NO! i actually know what happened
i was constantly upset with someone..
i have no idea about what is actually happened
it's just confusing and killing me so deeply ;'(


Happy Fasting to all!!!

i'm really tired and crazy~

Bye..Annyeong ^^

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