Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get to know me? huh..

1. Name: Yoon Rina
2. Age: 19 years old
3. Best friend: My high school friends ;)
4. Relationship status: Forever alone!
5: Piercings you have: Ears
6. Piercing you want: perhaps ears again?
7. Tattoo you have: none
8. Tattoo you want: on my nape ;)
9. Favourite blog: mine ;D
10. The meaning behind your url: it's the sister nickname
11. Favourite band at the moment: b2st
12. Favourite movie: Remember Me
13. A fact about my personality: dont judge a book by its cover
14. What i hate most about myself: i love too much
15. What i love most about myself: basically,i love me
16. What i want to be when i'm older: i always knew,but i want to keep secret
17. Idea of the perfect date: a happy date fill with loves
18. Things i hate most: annoying people
19. Weakness: at times,i'm too emotional ;/
20. Phobia: i scared to a lots of things
21. What i hate most about school: homework, nerd teacher/lecturer, the times
22. Things i find attractive in guys: their traits
23. Biggest turn on: makes me smile without trying ;)
24. Biggest turn off: over-reacting
25. A random fact i know: Aust is the biggest island ;p
26. A quote i love my life on: All that we are is the result of what we have thought. When you don't have anyone but God, God is more than enough
27. Something i need to get off my chest: the pain i had kept for so long
28. A description of the person i hate and why i hate them: annoying..simple right?
29. The last time i cried and why: few weeks ago, i couldn't attend my second round aud
30. Looks or personality, why: both, cause it was meant to be together ;)

*these will change in times* ;)

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