Monday, July 18, 2011

oh summer

Hello readers,i'm back ^^

It's pretty hot these days, does that ruin your mood?
It's summer though, no wonder!
Dont get moody just enjoy the sunshine.
That doesnt mean you need to go under the sun!!
Just appreciate. :)

i'm done with the damn college!
how wonderful was that? so wonderful!
i'm not thinking of going back,but still my life depend on my fate :/

i was busy with practice recently
as i'm done with studying i move on to practice
it's serious practice this time..
no more excuses such as:
"i'm studying too much that i dont have time for practice"
"if i was caught practice rather than study for exam,i'll be found dead"
Well..NO MORE!! it's practice practice!!!
and to be greatly honest..
i'd rather tired like hell because of practice :)
than headache because of studying :(

i love practice! much much more than studying :/
so hopefully all these sweat and lost breath due to practice
will worth in the end..GOD WILLING.

*ops! did i say the same thing on last post? :p
oh well~~~~ ^o^

yesterday,i was reading a newspaper
and it says something about the internet addiction!!
damn it! i was screwed up by the article,i was scared like idiot!

close that story!
i have a good dream last night too..
i dream of having a very very good friend
whom will be there when i'm happy and sad
and knew what i actually felt inside although i've tried to hide..
how i wish this friend really does exist :)
however, i cant even recognize that friend i have in my dream :/

oh did i talk too much already? hehe..
i'll be back again soon with more crap..
i'll share a song while i'm away...

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