Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the girl at home

Hello wonderful people..
I'm here again..

It's holiday,i dont know how long this holiday would be
As you know i'm done with my foundation studies and now waiting
for my result to come,around august perhaps?
I'm thinking to work while waiting.

How's life treating you so far my readers?
Oh,it's the busy month here..I mean,for students.
College/Uni students busy with exam,right?
For those on middle/high school,few months left for your exam!
It's the few last months before exam,study hard!!

My younger sister,please study hard!
Your big exam coming in just few months..
I can see you're busy with tuition bla bla bla..
Focus okay, after the exam..practice awaiting haha!!!
Anyway, Best of luck.

I just done with practice.
Uh..i hope it will turn out good later.

And and.. i'm also working hard on my belly..
lets slim it up!!!! hahahaha...
I will be staying home, for quite long time,i suppose
need to control my eating too, lol..


this is totally crap!!

see you soon..bye!

here's my favourite song right now
Can You Smile? Infinite Love .

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