Monday, July 25, 2011

Do you like me?

“You hate me, don’t you?”
“But… do you like me anyway?”

have you seen it yet?
it's a standalone drama
though it doesn't look expensive but it brings a deep meaning
one's should see this drama and understand the message
and you'll find it interesting..
it's a very simple drama with lovely meaning :)

if you can't find it online, you can read the full story at drama beans
but probably not same as watching :p

anyway, enjoy the story whether you're just reading or watching it


The Great Gye Choon Bin
for the full story line

The Great Gye Choon Bin
for the drama information

“If you turn on the lights just once, I’ll make things brighter for you. Will you try courage this once?”

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the girl at home

Hello wonderful people..
I'm here again..

It's holiday,i dont know how long this holiday would be
As you know i'm done with my foundation studies and now waiting
for my result to come,around august perhaps?
I'm thinking to work while waiting.

How's life treating you so far my readers?
Oh,it's the busy month here..I mean,for students.
College/Uni students busy with exam,right?
For those on middle/high school,few months left for your exam!
It's the few last months before exam,study hard!!

My younger sister,please study hard!
Your big exam coming in just few months..
I can see you're busy with tuition bla bla bla..
Focus okay, after the exam..practice awaiting haha!!!
Anyway, Best of luck.

I just done with practice.
Uh..i hope it will turn out good later.

And and.. i'm also working hard on my belly..
lets slim it up!!!! hahahaha...
I will be staying home, for quite long time,i suppose
need to control my eating too, lol..


this is totally crap!!

see you soon..bye!

here's my favourite song right now
Can You Smile? Infinite Love .

Monday, July 18, 2011

oh summer

Hello readers,i'm back ^^

It's pretty hot these days, does that ruin your mood?
It's summer though, no wonder!
Dont get moody just enjoy the sunshine.
That doesnt mean you need to go under the sun!!
Just appreciate. :)

i'm done with the damn college!
how wonderful was that? so wonderful!
i'm not thinking of going back,but still my life depend on my fate :/

i was busy with practice recently
as i'm done with studying i move on to practice
it's serious practice this time..
no more excuses such as:
"i'm studying too much that i dont have time for practice"
"if i was caught practice rather than study for exam,i'll be found dead"
Well..NO MORE!! it's practice practice!!!
and to be greatly honest..
i'd rather tired like hell because of practice :)
than headache because of studying :(

i love practice! much much more than studying :/
so hopefully all these sweat and lost breath due to practice
will worth in the end..GOD WILLING.

*ops! did i say the same thing on last post? :p
oh well~~~~ ^o^

yesterday,i was reading a newspaper
and it says something about the internet addiction!!
damn it! i was screwed up by the article,i was scared like idiot!

close that story!
i have a good dream last night too..
i dream of having a very very good friend
whom will be there when i'm happy and sad
and knew what i actually felt inside although i've tried to hide..
how i wish this friend really does exist :)
however, i cant even recognize that friend i have in my dream :/

oh did i talk too much already? hehe..
i'll be back again soon with more crap..
i'll share a song while i'm away...

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find the links on the top right side of my blog..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

please get well soon

poor time when play,play at safe place,dont play near the road,
cars come and go and might harm you,
now your feet got hurt..i cant bear see you like this..
please take care next time..

dear dog,please get well soon
eat healthy food and drink plenty of water..
it's summer,the weather is hot and yet it's raining heavily sometimes

dont run towards the road again!!
if want to play,play by the yard only!
oh poor dog!!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

이상적인 사람

I have heart many guys but there is one guy i never forget cause when i look at him he makes me melt and he is the guy i want to spend my life with.

“Devoting myself totally for my girlfriend is my style. I will be prepared to date a girlfriend until death do us part!”

”Opening the car door for my girlfriend, if she doesn’t like to put on the seat belt, I will do it for her.”

“If I get married, I plan to have four kids. That is the reason why I am saving money… My future wife is going to have to suffer for about five years if we are to have 4 kids.“

Don't look at him too long.He's mine!