Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hot days

Hello readers and visitors ^^
It's been few weeks,perhaps?
Welcome again and thanks for coming~

I've been really busy recently..
My final exam is next week,i need to work hard on this.
I'm quite nervous for this exam..just because..
so i've been studying so hard and wishing for flying colours result
God Willing.

At the same time i'm also busy preparing for something
and it's quite stressful,because the time was clash with
my final exam so i have to study and practice as well.
my practice doesnt goes so well, interruption here and there
i'm studying from morning to night and when i'm taking a break
i'll take the time for practice in a how stressful was that?
i didnt get what am i studying..and couldnt catch up my practice
i felt looooooosing! although it havent start yet..
sigh,but i must try my best!!

i really hope i can make it this time..
my last tried was when i was sixteen..
and now i'm back after three years to redeem everything
people, here i come!!! wish me luck!
hopefully this time i can get the things that i've been wanting so long
Fighting!!! God Willing.

anyway, thanks to miss seunghye for helping me
with the translation for the application
and to friends for giving me an advices and cheering
for my final exam and practice(of the upcoming aud)

at this moment, i've so many things in mind
i couldnt think very well..i felt sick,seriously..
and the weather is mood was unstable =,=

i think i should get back to study and practice again later

dear everybody, it's very hot these days
please watch your health and take a good care
drink plenty of water and dont go under the sun too long

bye bye


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