Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hi readers sweetheart ;)
How have you been?

Oh dear...It's MAY.
The new month is here..
time flies so fast that i couldn't realize that April had past
when i woke up and take a look on my phone calender
oh my gosh! It's May 1?? no way.. haha,yeah!

I still remember on the last week of april
mom keep asking who's birthday lies on may? ;)
and she said, that person going to be an adult..hehe..
i still your baby mom :)

oh..i want to share something..
it's about online/by order shopping
why suddenly? well..
i'm about to buy something online,this thing fit my taste best.
so i'm consider-ing to get it..
BUT.....let the story begin~~~

in conjunction with my upcoming event, i need this thing
it's hard to find one that can fit my taste the best
i found one online BUT i don't trust online stuff
what i mean is... sometimes what we see is not what we want
*things can look damn beautiful in pictures but not reality*
i'm online buyer,i bought few clothes online too
and most of time the reality is just toooo bad
i didn't get the clothes like in the pictures
the colours might different, the type of cloth is poor,
However, i still bought online for the past few months,
i bought much clothes, with hope that my fate will be good
But no!! It's never meant to be =.=
Of all the clothes i bought online/by order..
i can only give 8 marks out of 10 marks..why?
cause among ALL i only fell in love with few of it
what happen to the others? i don't know
and when it becomes like this..
i was like...OH My Money :'(
and that's why...Now...
whenever i saw a beautiful dress or whatever stuff online/books
i will always take much time to order for it
AND i always remind myself:
*things can look damn beautiful in pictures but not reality*
HIGHLIGHT that please!!

i'm not asking anyone to stop buying online or by order..
i just share my opinion/experience
cause i love my money..
buying something not worth the price is such a waste!!
so think before you buy no matter online, by order or even 'live'
hahahaaa...cheers ;)

UKiss - 0330

It's a very nice song ;)
Great lyrics, wonderful music and awesome music video.
So take your time and enjoy the music.

I like the lyric cause it means something to me.

Oh we all know..
On April 29 2011
the prince that love by every girls finally got married.
Yeah, Prince William and Princess Kate
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge..

Gosh...i adore Kate.
she's just too beautiful on her wedding day
i watched the wedding and it's seriously a FAIRY TALE!!
i believe each girl on this world wish to have a wedding like that
and this pretty Kate got wonderful ;)

Oh how beautiful..

On their wedding day.

Husband and Wife ;)
A day after their wedding..

Oh by the way..
All photos are credit to the owner.

I think ... hmmp ...
I'm done with my craps now..
See you readers sweethearts..

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